Malta coach accused of violating a national team player suspended

2022-09-29 15:29

Malta coach accused of violating a national team player suspended

Following yesterday, the 48-year-old coach of the Malta national team, Devez Manga , was suspended and suspended by the Malta Football Association for allegedly infringing on the national team players. Assistant coach Davide Mazzo replaced Mangia yesterday. 1-1 win over Israel in an international friendly.

It is reported that the Malta Football Association recently received a report on allegations of sexual misconduct against Manga players of the national team. After an investigation, the Malta Football Association stated that Mangia was suspected of violating the rules and was suspended and suspended.

In addition, the same report also stated that Manga had an inappropriate relationship with a player when he was the coach of the University of Craiova in Romania from 2017 to 2019.

Manga has previously coached the Italy Under-21 national team, Spezia, Bari, Ascoli and Craiova University as head coach, until he was appointed as the Malta national team coach in December 2019, signing the contract. 4 year contract.

After the Malta Football Association reported the scandal about Manga recently, the chairman of the Malta Football Association, Bjorn Vasalo, also gradually explained the incident of suspending Manga today. The Malta Football Association said in a statement that the current board of directors has approved the decision to suspend Manga’s post as coach, and will conduct a detailed investigation into these allegations. Instead of using unrealistic methods such as guesswork.

Next, the action plan to be taken by the President of the Malta Football Federation after talking to the victimized players. Vasallo also added that the Malta Football Association is obliged to make the incident public in an open and transparent manner, and will do everything in its power to protect the privacy of the players' identities. As for the evidence of Manga's violation of players and other misconduct, if once verified, the Malta coach will inevitably be dismissed and punished by the law.

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