Man City will try to bring in Nagelsmann if Guardiola leaves

2022-09-29 16:02

Man City will try to bring in Nagelsmann if Guardiola leaves

Manchester City introduced Haaland for 60 million euros in the summer transfer window , making up for the lack of a strong center in the team. However, the club has another problem, and that is Guardiola's contract extension.

Guardiola 's contract with Manchester City expires next summer, and the cooperation between the two sides may be the same in the 2022-23 season. However, Manchester City and Guardiola parted ways not because the club did not want to let Guardiola coach again, but because if Guardiola decided one thing, no matter how persuasion outsiders could make him change his mind.

Guardiola took over from Rijkaard in 2008 as Barcelona's new coach, his first time in charge of the first team. Under his leadership, Barcelona was invincible. However, at the height of Barcelona's glory, Guardiola suddenly resigned as coach. He thinks he has won everything he can at Barcelona, and there is no longer any challenge to continue coaching. Although the Barcelona executives tried their best to retain, he was determined to leave.

This time, something similar happened with him with Manchester City. He has led Manchester City to four Premier League titles in the past five seasons . And this season, if nothing else, Manchester City will still be the winner. 5 crowns in 6 years is enough to make Manchester City the dominant player in the Premier League. Guardiola's attitude towards contract renewal was unclear in previous interviews with the media, and it seems that he intends to leave the team again.

According to ESPN , Manchester City will go all out to persuade Guardiola to renew his contract during the World Cup. But if Guardiola is still unwilling to renew his contract, then Manchester City can only find a new successor to coach Manchester City. The management of the Manchester City club appreciates Bayern coach Nagelsmann very much. If Guardiola leaves the team, Manchester City will try to introduce Nagelsmann. In addition, Vieira and Kompany are also candidates for Manchester City.