Marchinhos thinks the team is doing well and hopes Messi has a great season

2022-10-06 15:26

Marchinhos thinks the team is doing well and hopes Messi has a great season

Paris drew 1-1 with Benfica in the Champions League group stage, with Marquinhos speaking to the media after the game.

Marchinhos said they knew that there would be ups and downs in this game, and that Benfica would not be able to play at home. Right now this Benfica team is on fire, they are really good and know what to do on the pitch.

"The first half was up and down but I still think we played well. Benfica gave us some trouble and we tried to play our game. We had some good performances but conceding the goal is something we need to correct things, those details will make or break in the Champions League ."

Marchinhos said they had corrected some minor mistakes in the first half in the second half, they just needed to score the winner and they still had a few chances going into the closing stages of the game.

Marchinhos also said that Messi's performance on the field has been different from last season. It's normal for him to take some time to adjust to a new environment, after all he's been at a club for so many years and making it his home. Now, Messi feels more comfortable here. Marchinhos thinks the team is playing very well. Messi plays a position that highlights his style and ability.

Marchinhos said now they just need to move on, the team needs to be consistent and perform well until the end. He also hopes that Messi will have a great season and help them win the title.