[NBA] Mitchell 43 points, James 21+17; thick eyebrows retired due to flu, Cavaliers beat Lakers

2022-12-07 21:21

[NBA] Mitchell 43 points, James 21+17; thick eyebrows retired due to flu, Cavaliers beat Lakers

[NBA] Mitchell 43 points, James 21+17; thick eyebrows retired due to flu, Cavaliers beat Lakers

On December 7, the NBA regular season continued, and the Los Angeles Lakers challenged the Cleveland Cavaliers away . In the end, the Lakers lost to the Cavaliers 102-116. The Los Angeles Lakers (10-13) ended their winning streak.


Allen of the Cavaliers returned to the starting lineup. Nongmei played with an injury when he was sick today . He retired due to a fever caused by flu after only playing 8 minutes in the first quarter.


In the first quarter, the Cavaliers got off to a good start at home. Allen scored 4 points and led the team to a 10-3 lead. James returned to Cleveland, and he made an air cut with the thick eyebrow to complete a two-handed dunk. Beverly and LeBron each scored a three-pointer, Allen, Garland and Mitchell joined forces for 7 points, and the Cavaliers led 19-9. Nongmei , who was troubled by the flu, left the field early due to physical discomfort. Westbrook scored 4 points off the bench. He led the team to an 8-0 spurt, and the Lakers chased to 17-19. In the following games, the Lakers launched a counterattack led by Westbrook and James. The Lakers and the Cavaliers played back and forth. At the end of this quarter, Westbrook assisted Thomas Bryant to hit a three-pointer. Bryant also made 2 of 2 free throws. After the single quarter, the Lakers were only 1 point behind 26-27.


In the second quarter, the two teams came and went, and the score on the field increased alternately. After four minutes of playing, after Schroder broke through and scored 2+1, the Lakers once overtook the score. In the latter part of this quarter, Mitchell took over the Cavaliers' offense, and he made consecutive shots from inside and outside. Beside Mitchell, Garland also gave fire support and hit a three-pointer. Mitchell scored 6 points in a row, and he led the team to regain the lead with 7 points in a row. Beverly made two free throws, Mitchell made another jumper, Garland hit a three-pointer from the left wing, and the Cavaliers entered the halftime break with a 57-49 lead of 8 points.


The Lakers kept chasing points in the third quarter, and Schroeder scored 5 points in a row to lead the Lakers to 58-61 . Mitchell and Garland hit back with 4 points, Walker succeeded with 3 points, LeBron made a breakthrough, and the Lakers scored another 7 points to tie at 65. After that, the two teams launched a new round of tug-of-war. Mitchell scored a layup, and Reeves made a counter-attack dunk, and the point difference came to 9 points. The Lakers tied the score many times. At the end of this section, the Lakers responded to the attack wave. Lao Zhan scored a free throw and the visiting team regained the advantage. Garland made two fouls and made four free throws. After three quarters, the Cavaliers continued to lead 85-83.


In the fourth quarter, the Lakers were still trying to recover the score. Reeves and Westbrook teamed up for 5 points, and the Lakers took the lead again 88-87. But the Cavaliers did not give another chance. Mitchell took over the offense in this quarter. He scored 7 points in a row. Allen and Osman scored in turn. The Cavaliers led 101-92 with 6 minutes and 35 seconds left in the fourth quarter . But after the game entered a critical moment, the Lakers suddenly collapsed. Mitchell scored 8 points and led the team to a 10-0 spurt. In the last 3 and a half minutes of this section, Mitchell hit the net again with a three-pointer and scored 41 points. The suspense of the outcome was basically killed. In the end, the Cavaliers defeated the Lakers 116-102, ending the Lakers' three-game winning streak .