[NBA regular season] Butler 26+8 George scored 29 points and Adebayor scored 31 points; the Heat sank the Clippers to win

2022-12-09 13:29

[NBA regular season] Butler 26+8 George scored 29 points and Adebayor scored 31 points; the Heat sank the Clippers to win

On December 9, the NBA regular season continued, with the Miami Heat playing against the Los Angeles Clippers at home . In the end, the Heat beat the Clippers 115-110.


In this game, Caine was absent due to load management, and George led the team alone. In the first quarter of the game, George scored a three-pointer to help the Clippers score the first point. Smith, Hiro, and Butler responded. The two sides were evenly matched in the opening state, and the scores rose alternately. The Clippers had a slight upper hand in the first quarter and relied on a wave of 15-8 offensive to establish a lead. The Heat's strategy of attacking the inside gradually took effect. George scored a three-pointer, Butler scored a layup, Dedmon also made a layup, Kennard responded with a layup, and Wall missed the final layup. Boat leads the Heat 28-20.


In the second quarter, Covington made a layup and the Clippers led by 10 points. Then Martin scored consecutively, Shiro and Adebayor also scored together, and the Heat overtook by 3 points. Covington, Batum, Zubac, Morris teamed up to overtake by 3 points, Hiero, Martin, and Adebayor teamed up to overtake by 5 points. With Kennard's three-pointer at the buzzer, the Heat led the Clippers 56-54 after halftime.


In the third quarter, Jackson made a three-pointer, Adebayor completed a dunk , Batum hit a three-pointer, Butler made a three-pointer, and George responded with a three-pointer. Alternate leads. George scored consecutively, the Clippers overtook by 4 points, Hiero and Adebayor scored, Boston, Wall, and Batum responded. As the Heat missed the last attack, the Clippers received the rebound, and the third quarter ended. The Clippers overtook the Heat 87-84.


In the last quarter, Hiero made a shot, and then he hit a chasing three-pointer. He scored 5 points in a row to help the Heat overtake the score. Adebayor teamed up with Struss to open the score, and the Heat gained a 9-point advantage. With 2 minutes left in the game, George scored 5 points in a row, and the point difference caught up to 3 points. Butler responded with a mid-range shot, and the point difference returned to 5 points. With 46 seconds left in the game, Reggie missed a layup, and Butler made 2 free throws. , with a difference of 7 points. The Heat beat the Clippers 115-110 as Butler made three key mid-range shots and rebounded over George to seal the win.