[NBA regular season] Curry and Clay averaged 30 + Tatum 18 points; Curry is still a nightmare for the Celtics Warriors beat the Celtics

2022-12-11 13:04

[NBA regular season] Curry and Clay averaged 30 + Tatum 18 points; Curry is still a nightmare for the Celtics Warriors beat the Celtics

On February 11th, the NBA regular season was fierce. The Warriors played against the Celtics at home . NBA official website thinks this may be a crazy three-point battle! In the end , the Warriors defeated the Celtics 123-107 .


In this game, Wiggins missed the third consecutive game due to an adductor strain, and Poole continued to serve as the team's starter. At the beginning of the first quarter, Curry was not in a good state. All the first three shots were missed. Klay Thompson defended Tatum's offense twice in a row, but when he looked back, his jumper hit the net accurately. Griffin made a layup, Smart made a jumper and a three-pointer, and the game entered a tug of war. Later in the quarter, Curry found his form and hit a three-pointer, and then he scored 5 points in a row from inside and outside. Brogdon also hit the net with a three-pointer. In the last round of the first quarter, Curry hit a long three-pointer and the Warriors led 33-25.


In the second quarter, Kuminga made 1 of 2 free throws for a foul, and the Warriors took the lead again. After that, Poole made a layup and scored 2+1, and the point difference was widened to double digits. Next, Poole made 2 of 2 free throws and scored in double figures. Kuminga also hit a three-pointer with a step back. On the Celtics' side, Tatum made an empty catch and also made a breakthrough to attack the basket. He recovered a little bit, Jaylen Brown also scored a jumper, and the momentum of losing points was barely stopped. But the Splash Brothers were in a better state. Clay scored 24 points in the second half with a three-pointer and a rain of jump shots. Towards the end of the second quarter, Curry made another ultra-long three-pointer. After halftime, the Warriors continued to lead 68-63.


In the third quarter, Tatum made a three-point foul on Clay as soon as he came up, and all three free throws went into the net. Curry still felt hot. He turned over and made a jump shot. After one round, he hit a three-pointer. After 0 for 3 shots in the opening, Curry made 6 of 6 shots. Clay also scored a three-pointer, and the battle was stabilized by the Warriors again. In the middle of this section, Poole dunked and scored, and the Warriors regained their lead to double digits. The Green Army's double probes began to exert their strength, Brown hit a jumper, and Tatum also made a three-pointer. Entering the end of this quarter, the two teams competed for the second team. Kuminga and Brogdon succeeded in jump shots. After three quarters, the Green Army continued to fall behind 83-95.


In the final battle, the Warriors set off a new attack wave. Kuminga scored two consecutive attacks to the basket, and the point difference was widened to 16 points. Since then, the Celtics are still trying to catch up, but their mentality has become more and more anxious. Grant Williams was directly expelled for hitting the ball into the stands . At 3 minutes and 51 seconds before the end of the game, the classic Curry chased and handed over. It was still the top of the arc, and Curry ran around the screen. The familiar hand-off, Curry opened his hand and threw a three-pointer, 114 to 99. At the end of this quarter, the point difference widened to more than 20 points, and the suspense was completely killed. In the end, the Warriors defeated the Celtics 123-107 .