[NBA regular season] Johnson 32+7 Smith 23 points; Spurs sent the Rockets to the last position in the West

2022-12-09 13:31

[NBA regular season] Johnson 32+7 Smith 23 points; Spurs sent the Rockets to the last position in the West

On December 9, the NBA regular season, the San Antonio Spurs played against the Houston Rockets at home . In the end, the Spurs defeated the Rockets 118-109 , ending their 11-game losing streak.


Before this game, the Spurs suffered an 11-game losing streak, while the Rockets defeated the 76ers in the last game. The Spurs fell to the bottom of the West, and the Rockets rose to the bottom of the West.


Vassell and Poeltl of the Spurs are absent . After the opening, the two teams were evenly matched . The scores on the field increased alternately, and the lead changed hands many times. Green and Porter took turns to score. With 5 minutes and 55 seconds left in the first quarter, the Rockets led 19-16. Richardson and Johnson recovered 4 points, Shin Kyung scored with a hook, and the Spurs took another 4 points to lead 24-21. Ethan and Green made three-pointers respectively, and they led the team to end the first quarter with an 8-0 counterattack. The Rockets led by 5 points 29-24.


In the second quarter, Jones had a good touch and scored 7 points to help the team lead 31-30. The two teams have come and gone on the offensive end, and the score gap is not very big. Gordon retaliated with 5 points to regain the lead, Johnson succeeded in singles, and the two teams tied at 35. Kelden Johnson and Jones scored 20 points together . In a single quarter, the Spurs recovered 2 points. Not to be outdone by the Rockets, Smith scored two goals in a row and Green made a three-pointer at the buzzer. They led the team to a 9-2 counterattack wave to end the second quarter, and the Rockets led by 3 points 54-51.


In the third quarter, Smith and Green teamed up for 7 points, and the Rockets led 63-56. The Spurs fired from outside, Johnson hit two three-pointers, Jones and Branham took turns to hit three-pointers, a 14-2 counterattack climax allowed the Spurs to overtake 68-65. Gordon hit a jumper to temporarily stop the bleeding for the team, Richardson hit a three-pointer, Barcelona made an empty dunk, and the Spurs expanded their advantage. Porter made a layup to prevent the gap from widening, but the Spurs continued to attack. McDermott scored 2 three-pointers in a row, and they scored 8 points in a row to lead 85-71. The Knicks and Ethan broke through respectively, Jones hit back with a layup, and Richardson made a free throw. After three quarters, the Spurs led 90-77 by 13 points.


In the second quarter, the Spurs scored 5 points in a row at the beginning of the quarter, and they led by 17 points. The Knicks and Martin recovered 4 points, McDermott made another three-pointer, Barcelona and Langford scored in turn, the two sides started a tug-of-war, and then the Rockets missed consecutively in offense again, and the Spurs gradually widened the point difference to 20 points Above, with 4 minutes left in the game, the Rockets completely replaced the substitutes. Da Ma Yang made consecutive inside shots, and the point difference was once narrowed to 9 points. Johnson made a hook and then made two free throws, which sealed the victory for the team. In the end, the Spurs won 118-109 .


The Spurs ended their 11-game losing streak. The record of the two teams is 7 wins and 18 losses.