[NBA regular season] Knicks narrowly beat Pacers 109-106 to usher in 7 consecutive victories

2022-12-19 12:11

[NBA regular season] Knicks narrowly beat Pacers 109-106 to usher in 7 consecutive victories

News, December 19th , the NBA regular season is in full swing, the Pacers played against the Knicks at home. After several rounds of fighting, the Knicks finally beat the Pacers 109-106 to usher in a 7 -game winning streak.


At the beginning of the first quarter, the Pacers first fired with full firepower and scored a wave of 12-5. But the Trident of Brunson, Randall and Barrett quickly counterattacked, and then the two sides continued to see-saw. Randall responded with a three-pointer, Halliburton made a three-pointer and led the team to score another 7 points. The Pacers led 21-17 . After the first quarter, the Knicks led the Pacers 29-28 and entered the next quarter.

The hot state continued in the second quarter. The Knicks scored 6 points in a row to start the prelude. Smith scored 5 points and led the team to recover 7 points. Barrett hit back with 3 points and Marcelin hit a jumper. Then Knicks Barrett led the basket again and the point difference widened to 9 points. Robinson made a dunk. Marcelin and Hilde scored 5 points to help the team overtake. For the Pacers, Marcelin and Halliburton teamed up to score points to catch up again. At the end of the second quarter, the Knicks entered the second half with a 54-53 lead by one point.

The second half continued, Hilde scored 5 points in a row, Naismith made a three-pointer, and the Pacers Halliburton scored 6 consecutive points in the opening quarter . Randall and Brunson responded with 7 points to regain the lead, Hilde hit a three-pointer, and Barrett made a breakthrough. , Then the Pacers hit consecutive three-pointers, the Knicks rushed to the frame in response, and Barrett, Grimes and Brunson scored another 6 points.

Back at halftime, the Pacers Halliburton scored consecutive points to overtake by 6 points in the opening quarter. Knicks Randall and Brunson stepped up and quickly caught up with the score. Then the Pacers hit consecutive three-pointers. In the end, the Pacers lead the Knicks 85-84. Naismith scored 6 points alone, Turner scored a three-pointer, and Hilder made another three-pointer. At the end of this section, the Pacers led 85-84 by 1 point .

Entering a fierce battle in the last quarter, the Pacers took the lead in seizing the opportunity to counterattack and widened the point difference to 6 points. Duarte and Marcelin scored in turn. Brunson scored 5 points in a row and Turner missed a three-pointer. At the critical moment, Knicks Brunson stepped up to narrow the point difference, and Randall made consecutive free throws at the critical moment to take the lead. Halliburton missed a three-pointer, Randall made two free throws, and the Knicks led 107-104 with 7.4 seconds left in the fourth quarter . At the end of the game, the Knicks defeated the Pacers 109-106 and successfully won the game.

starting lineup

Knicks: Brunson, Grimes, Barrett, Randle, Robinson

Pacers: Halliburton, Nemhard, Hield, Naismith, Turner


Records of both players


Brunson had 30 points, Randall had 25 points and 14 rebounds, Barrett had 24 points and 4 rebounds, and Robinson had 10 points and 13 rebounds.


Nasmith had 23 points and 10 rebounds, Hilde had 23 points, Halliburton had 15 points and 10 assists, Marcelin had 15 points and 6 rebounds.