[NBA regular season] Nets dual-core blasted 67 points, the Nets defeated the Eagles and ushered in two consecutive victories

2022-12-10 12:04

[NBA regular season] Nets dual-core blasted 67 points, the Nets defeated the Eagles and ushered in two consecutive victories

On December 10, the NBA regular season continued fierce battles, with the Brooklyn Nets at home against the Atlanta Hawks . In the end, the Nets defeated the Eagles 120-116, ushering in a 2-game winning streak, and at the same time gave the Hawks a 3-game losing streak.


In this game, Ben Simmons returned from injury and returned to the starting lineup , but Yuta Bian and Clarkston continued to miss the game due to injuries.


In the first quarter of the game, Simmons had a good start. He scored three consecutive offenses alone and easily contributed 6 points. Durant scored two goals in a row, and he led the team to fight back with 6 points to overtake. After the timeout, Durant started the singles mode. He scored 5 consecutive offensive points and easily scored 10 points. The Hawks made consecutive shots in 2 minutes. O'Neal hit the Nets' first three-pointer. With 4 minutes and 35 seconds left in the first quarter, the Nets led 23-17. The Eagles made consecutive substitutions and adjustments, and Trey Young led the team to respond to a 6-0 spurt. Irving scored 3 points, Durant made a breakthrough, and the Nets led 30-25. Yang Lian chased for 5 points, Durant scored two more goals, Harris succeeded in singles, Durant scored 6 points in a row, and he scored 18 points in the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter, the Nets led 36-30.


In the second quarter, Curry scored 6 points alone. He led the team to an 8-2 spurt and helped the Nets lead by 12 points 44-32. Substitute Bogdanovic scored two consecutive three-pointers to stop the Nets. After the timeout, Irving made a sudden attack and scored 10 points in a row. Warren also made a jump shot. Five minutes before halftime, the Nets led by 12 points 59-47. Holiday threw a shot to stop the bleeding, Irving made two free throws for a foul, and he also scored in double figures, but Bogdanovic hit two three-pointers, and the Eagles responded with a wave of 12-2 attacks to close the gap. Reduced to 1 point. Durant broke through for a layup, Johnson hit the inside and scored. Although Trey Young scored 22 points in two quarters, he received his second personal foul while defending. Warren dunked with both hands, and the Nets led 68-64 at halftime.


After the start of the third quarter, the two teams saw each other for several rounds. Harris and Irving scored three points each, and the Nets led 82-72 by 10 points. Afterwards, the two teams scored several offenses each, and Bogdanovic made another three-pointer and led the team to chase 5 points in a row. The Eagles fell behind 84-89. After the timeout adjustment, Sumner made an empty cut dunk, but he complained after receiving the fourth foul and was whistled for a technical foul. Irving broke through for a layup and Warren hit a 3-pointer. At the end of the three quarters, the Nets led 96-90.


In the last quarter, Bogdanovic hit a 3-pointer, and he scored 5 points in a row, leading the Eagles' bench team to a 9-0 spurt to overtake the score. Irving stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer, Bogdanovic made a breakthrough, Durant broke through and dunked, Okongwu scored two consecutive baskets, and the Eagles led 107-103. Curry hit back with a three-pointer, Irving made a successful mid-range shot, and the Nets led 108-107 by 1 point with 4 minutes and 35 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Trey Young scored a mid-range shot and Durant made a three-pointer. Although Capela dunked, Durant's second three-pointer helped the Nets lead by 5 points. With 6.9 seconds left, Bogdanovic continued his life with a super long three-pointer. Durant fouled and made two free throws to seal the victory. Bogdanovic made a three-pointer and Durant made two free throws. In the end, the Nets defeated the Eagles 120-116 .