Nesta on the current state of Milan, Milan and Emirates are talking about a new sponsorship deal

2022-10-11 12:00

Nesta on the current state of Milan, Milan and Emirates are talking about a new sponsorship deal

Former AC Milan defender Nesta talked about the current situation in Milan in an interview.

For the team's Champions League atmosphere, Nesta said that this is a special change. The atmosphere in the afternoon before the game is different, but more importantly, the opponent can feel the weight of this jersey. They don't just wear the jersey, they also carry the story of the club. For so many years, Milan has been the object of fear of other clubs.

For the game in England, Nesta said that in the first 20 minutes of the game in England, to play with armor, you have to bear the pressure, "but when the opponent slows down, the game changes, some players and teams understand this type of The game, they are not afraid, they know how to play this type of game." As for Milan, Nesta said the situation was the opposite, they had 75,000 fans at the San Siro stadium, and it was the opponent who had to wear armor.

Nesta said Milan had shown the ability to press up high, which required skill when approaching the ball forward. This is the hallmark of Milan's win, and Milan's fast midfielders, in which Tomori and Kalulu play an important role.

Milan and Emirates discuss new sponsorship deal

According to Turin Sport, Milan are discussing a new sponsorship deal with Emirates .

The existing sponsorship contract between the two parties will expire on June 30 , 2023. Emirates currently sponsors Milan for a fixed fee of 14.2 million euros per season.

Milan hopes to renew the sponsorship contract with Emirates. The important topic of discussion between the two parties is that Milan hopes that Emirates can increase the sponsorship fee. As Emirates sees Milan as an important business partner, the two parties appear to be able to reach an agreement in the near future. In addition, Milan's boss Cardinale hopes that Milan can develop in all aspects at the same time, so he does not rule out the possibility of finding new sponsors for Milan.