Never satisfied with his performance Son Heung-min: I want to do better

2022-10-08 08:54

Never satisfied with his performance Son Heung-min: I want to do better

Premier League giant Tottenham Hotspur star Son Heung -min shared his views on the team's performance and Conte in an interview with the British media recently. The South Korean star also said that he was never satisfied with his performance and always wanted to do better.

After losing 3-1 away to Arsenal in the eighth round of the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur squandered many scoring opportunities in the earlier Champions League group stage and ended up with a 0-0 away game. 0 was drawn by Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, which also led to the criticism of coach Conte.

Son Heung-min said in the interview that the most important thing is for players to listen to Conte's opinions, especially when the outside world did not believe that the team could qualify for the Champions League last season, coach Conte would instead ask the team to do more. "As a player, I want to play Conte's way and if we don't choose to follow him, the team will struggle. We have to follow him because he is a winner and the team It takes hard work and sacrifice."

"If the team loses, Conte will blame himself"

And Son Heung-min also explained why Conte’s mood fluctuated so much during the team’s game, “We sometimes feel very happy after the game, and sometimes we are angry and frustrated, which means we lost. And Conte Will be more passionate, if we win, he's like the happiest guy in the world. But if he doesn't play well, he's very unhappy and blames himself and wants to help the team how improve."

As for the draw by Frankfurt in the Champions League group stage, Son Heung-min said that he could not describe the feeling, and believed that the team should score 2-3 goals because he and Kane had many chances. "It was really frustrating, we all knew the team only needed half the chance to win and it never happened. Of course it wasn't what I wanted to see, but scoring goals in the Champions League Opportunities are always difficult, so we need to move in a better direction."

After winning the Premier League Golden Boot last season, Son Heung-min broke the scoring drought with a hat-trick in the eighth round of the Premier League this season. "I always want to do better and I'm never satisfied with my performance. I always focus on the game and then see how I can improve myself. The season is still long and I want to work hard. To help the team, so these two games are not a problem, even with such a difficult game, we have to keep going."