Official: Sampaoli replaces Lopetegui as Sevilla coach

2022-10-07 11:51

Official: Sampaoli replaces Lopetegui as Sevilla coach

After Lopetegui's dismissal, Jorge Sampaoli, 62, was named Sevilla's coach on a contract until June 2024.

Sampaoli's relationship with Sevilla began in August 2016, when Emery, who was then Sevilla coach, insisted on leaving. After replacing Emery as the new coach, Sam Pauli led the team to fourth place in the standings, with a score of 27 wins, 12 draws and 14 losses.

However, Sampaoli has only been in charge of Sevilla for nine months. In June 2017, Sampaoli was appointed by the Argentine Football Association as the national team coach, but was later dismissed due to his poor record. In March 2021, Sampaoli took over Marseille halfway, and he led his team to win the Ligue 1 runner-up the following year. However, due to the different ideas from the club's top management, Sampaoli parted ways with Marseille in May this year, and has been idle at home since then.

Although Sevilla was the runner-up in La Liga last season, the start of this season was not satisfactory: Sevilla has won 1 of 7 games in the league, and is only 1 point away from the relegation zone. They have yet to win in the Champions League group stage, and they are currently ranked third in Group G with a record of 1 draw, 2 losses and 1 point.

Sevilla hope the arrival of Sampaoli can help the team reverse its recent decline, and the Argentine is well aware of this. During the interview, he assured the club that he would help Sevilla reshape itself in the short term: "I came to Sevilla with happy emotions and memories, and I hope to have the same thoughts as at that time in the future. The positive mindset is back here and committed to helping the team change in the short term."