OFFICIAL: Union Berlin renews contract with coach Fischer

2022-09-30 11:03

OFFICIAL: Union Berlin renews contract with coach Fischer

After seven match days have passed, the Bundesliga leader Union Berlin has reached an agreement with Swiss coach Urs Fischer and assistant coach Markus Hoffmann for an unspecified contract period. Both of their current contracts expire in June next year.

Urs Fischer, 56, started his coaching career with the FC Zurich in Switzerland in 2003. On July 1, 2018, Fischer succeeded Jens Keller as the head coach of Union Berlin, and the Union Berlin under his rule was also promoted to the Bundesliga after the end of the season. In the following three years, Fischer led Union Berlin to a record of 49 wins, 30 draws, and 34 losses in the Bundesliga. This season, he leads the standings with the only unbeaten state in the league.

Renewal has never been a problem

After signing with Fisher United, club chairman Dirk Zingler said in an interview with state media that he recognized Fisher's work very much and the two sides were progressing smoothly on the renewal of the contract. "Urs Fischer was an excellent coach and he and his team led us through the most successful period in Union Berlin's history. Our cooperation has always been characterized by mutual respect and trust, and our discussion is also along this line of thinking.”

"There is no question of contract renewal for either of us. I am happy that Urs Fischer and Marcus Hoffmann are still part of Union Berlin for the next few years," He finally concluded.

Union Berlin feels at home

For Urs Fischer, renewing his contract with Union Berlin is undoubtedly a happy event. He told the club's official website: "What we have been through together over the past few years has been unbelievable and beyond words. As I have often said, I feel at home in Union Berlin."

"I think we can still achieve a lot on this journey and I look forward to being part of the ongoing development of the club."