Outstanding performance as Arsenal lead the Premier League and Europa League

2022-10-08 11:36

Outstanding performance as Arsenal lead the Premier League and Europa League

Arsenal have started this season so far, and Arteta's team has always been able to show the best performance, whether in the Premier League or the UEFA Europa League group stage, so far in 10 games in all competitions. Among them, Arsenal have won 9 games, directly leading the Premier League and the Europa League, and their strength is very strong.

And "Gunners" Arsenal in yesterday's UEFA Europa League group stage, coach Arteta rotated 8 people, and with Nketiah and Holding in the first half lead Bodo by 2 goals. In the 84th minute of the second half, Jesus, who came on as a substitute, cut into the penalty area from the bottom line and crossed the opponent's player. He assisted Vieira with a cross and hit a shot. In the end, Arsenal defeated Bodo with a wonderful goal.

Arsenal challenge Liverpool

Arsenal are currently in first place in the group standings with 2 consecutive victories, and they are 1 point ahead of Manchester City with 7 wins and 1 loss in the Premier League and continue to rank first in the standings. This also means that Arsenal's team has only lost one game since the start of the season, and this loss came after a 1-3 loss to Manchester United in the league away. 4 games in a row to carry out "revenge".

Arsenal will host Liverpool tomorrow after a 3-1 win over Conte's Tottenham Hotspur in the last round of the Premier League's north London derby.

Liverpool defeated Glasgow Rangers 2-0 at home in the earlier Champions League group game, which restored a lot of confidence to Liverpool, which had been in trouble before. Therefore, Arsenal's game against Klopp's team, it will not be an easy task to take all 3 points to keep the first place in the standings.