Paris Saint-Germain wants to poach Rashford, Manchester United boss tries to keep him

2022-12-13 08:41

Paris Saint-Germain wants to poach Rashford, Manchester United boss tries to keep him

England international Marcus Rashford is currently playing for the Premier League club Manchester United . The contract between Rashford and Manchester United is about to end. It is said that Paris Saint-Germain intends to poach Rashford. Keep Rashford.

Paris Saint-Germain will hold talks with Rashford's agent in January. However, it is rumored that Paris Saint-Germain will give a weekly salary of 850,000 pounds, hoping that Rashford will reject Manchester United's contract extension.

In order to keep Rashford , Ten Hager strongly praised Rashford. Ten Hag said that Rashford has great potential and can surpass Mbappé to become the world's top scorer.

In an interview, Ten Hag said in a motivating way: "Rashford performed well in England, and Rashford also scored with a header at Manchester United. But I don't think he often scores with a header. It's been a considerable effort to train. I believe Marcus will reach his full potential when his position is behind the line and no one can stop him."

Regarding Paris Saint-Germain 's idea of Rashford and wanting to poach him, Ten Hag said: "Rashford has to make a decision, we can only use actions to let him know that Manchester United is the best. The club. It's about the culture of the club, the way we play and train and whether we provide the right environment to improve. It's also a financial issue. Then it's up to him to decide. But in a year and a half Here, he'll be at Manchester United."

Ten Hag said that Manchester United has begun to negotiate a contract extension with Rashford. He is confident that Manchester United can control the current situation, because the club can have an option to renew the contract with the player for one year, so they will implement it.