Peace Elite: Shenhao players make the game performance rank second

2023-02-08 14:56

Peace Elite: Shenhao players make the game performance rank second

An e-sports game contains a variety of skins. Although the game is free to download, it does not mean that all products are free to receive. Players are required to recharge to buy or draw limited-level weapons and skins. This is the way for game developers to make money. As long as the work is attractive enough , the special effects are gorgeous enough, just in time to launch a limited-time event in conjunction with your favorite animation, film, and game, exclusive products, plus vanity, who can keep their wallets?

There are always exceptions. Some players willpower reaches the level of gods and are very self-disciplined. They don’t want to spend a penny in the game. The most surprising thing is that these zero-krypton players have hidden a lot of advanced skins.

For most players, the game can be recharged or not, aiming at entertainment and promotion. Skins only improve appearance and have little effect on winning. They speak with their records. They only have manuals, skills beyond ordinary people, and numbers. The unknown trump card is so radiant that even the krypton gold boss has to stand aside.

In the game of Peace Elite, there are "Shenhao" players, which means that they will not let go of any skins, and take them all. Only children make choices. Adults want them all, and they must krypton every time they come out. Thanks to these players, The annual income of Peace Elite is second only to "Glory of the King", which is known as the national game. It is conceivable that " Peace Elite ", as a shooting e-sports game, has attracted a large number of players with its fancy skin Top up to buy.