Pelicans preseason opener, Bulls two main players doubtful

2022-10-04 13:59

Pelicans preseason opener, Bulls two main players doubtful

Before the New Orleans Pelicans open tomorrow's NBA preseason against the Chicago Bulls, the Pelicans officially announced a piece of bad news today, referring to the 31-year-old guard C.J. McCollum who was originally in the starting lineup. 25-year-old forward Brandon Ingraham has been downgraded to questionable status tomorrow due to injury concerns.

In the current Pelicans' injury report list, veteran McCollum is doubtful because of pain in his right ankle during training, and offensive main player Ingraham, who won the most improved award, may miss the game due to left toe metatarsalgia.

In addition, the player determined to be absent is 21-year-old guard Kira Lewis Jr., who is still recovering from a torn ACL in his knee.

As for the return of the 22-year-old No. 1 pick Zion Williamson who was reimbursed last season in the preseason of the new season, he has also received much attention. After signing a 5-year rookie extension contract with the Pelicans in the offseason, he is now The recovery situation is quite optimistic, and I believe that Williamson's recovery speed will catch up with tomorrow's NBA preseason debut.

However, the Bulls, which suffered an extension of the injury time by guard Lonzo Ball in the offseason, have not yet announced the injury report list before tomorrow's game, but coach Billy Donovan said today that the main force will be in order 5 preseason games off.

The Pelicans will start their preseason opener tomorrow with the Bulls, the second preseason game against the Detroit Pistons on Saturday, the third against the San Antonio Spurs next Monday, and the fourth against the next Thursday. The Miami Heat will finally face the Atlanta Hawks next Saturday in their preseason finale.

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