Premier League - Brentford at home to Brighton looking to get back on track

2022-10-14 12:36

Premier League - Brentford at home to Brighton looking to get back on track

The 11th round of the Premier League in the 2022/23 season will take the lead in a battle for points tomorrow, and Brentford, who has not been able to win in the past 3 rounds, will host Brighton at home and hope to score 3 points to get back on track.

After beating Leeds United 5-2 at home in early September, Brentford only scored 1 draw and 2 losses in the past 3 rounds, and has been unable to get rid of the invincible situation, including the 1-1 away game in the last round of the league. 5 was humiliated by Newcastle. Brentford are currently 11th with 10 points, just four points from the relegation zone. Therefore, Brentford has only the option of "winning".

Brighton, one of the dark horses of the season, has yet to win under the leadership of new coach De Zelby. Although the debut of the new coach De Zelby led Brighton to a 3-3 draw with Liverpool, who won the runner-up last season, they lost 0-1 at home to Conte-coached Tottenham Hotspur in the last round. Therefore, it has been 2 rounds without a victory, and the team has fallen out of the top four in the standings, so Brighton will also not let the opponent grab the precious 3 points.

Mwepu forced to retire early due to heart problems

In addition, the two sides have only met twice in the Premier League, with Brighton winning 1-0 away and Brentford 2-0 at home last season.

In terms of lineup, Brentford has captain Janssen, Noelgaard and Lewis Porter continue to be injured. Brighton received bad news earlier, with midfielder Mwepu, 24, forced to retire early due to a heart problem, and Model out of action with a knee injury.