Premier League - Son Heung-min assists Kane as Tottenham beat Brighton 1-0

2022-10-09 08:32

Premier League - Son Heung-min assists Kane as Tottenham beat Brighton 1-0

In the 10th round of the Premier League in the 2022/23 season, one of the focus games was played. Tottenham Hotspur, who went to the away game, assisted Kane to score with Son Heung-min and finally defeated Brighton 1-0.

Tottenham Hotspur got a free kick from the left in the first 4 minutes of this campaign. Son Heung-min took the penalty and the ball was saved by the opponent's goalkeeper. In the 10th minute, McAllister took a cross from his teammates and then lobbed directly, but goalkeeper Lori resolved the crisis in time, allowing Tottenham to escape the lead.

In the 17th minute, Brighton organized a counterattack. Welbeck took a through ball from his teammate from the right and tried to attack, but the ball slid over the goal post. 2 minutes later, Kane followed up from the penalty area and stopped the ball and shot was saved, but VAR showed that Kane stopped the ball with his hand, so he was shown a yellow card by the referee on duty.

In the 22nd minute of the battle, after Tottenham took a right corner kick and was cleared not far, Son Heung-min followed up from the right and assisted Kane with a header and hit the goal, giving Tottenham Tottenham a 1-0 lead.

Son Heung-min's goal is ruled offside

In the 39th minute, Marci took a shot from the right side of the penalty area, but the ball slipped past. In the 44th minute, Brighton attacked again. Welbeck shot near the penalty area line and was saved by Lori, making Brighton miss the opportunity to equalize.

In the 55th minute of the second half, Caicedo made a short pass, Webster took a long shot after receiving the ball, but the ball was blocked by the opposing defender. In the 74th minute, Tottenham got a chance to counterattack. Son Heung -min scored a goal at the top of the arc, but was ruled offside by the referee and the goal was ruled out.

In the ensuing time, the two sides could no longer break the opponent's goal. In the end, Tottenham Hotspur defeated Brighton 1-0 and is currently in third place with 20 points in the standings, behind Manchester City, which has risen to the first place. 3 points.