Professional players do not play mid-lane, and Haiyue is a new way to play as a jungler. (two)

2022-09-30 15:09

Professional players do not play mid-lane, and Haiyue is a new way to play as a jungler. (two)

Mage jungler is actually nothing new. It's just that Haiyue played as an assassin. First, the professional player Reimu tested it for us. Finally, it was found that Haiyue's speed in the jungle was very fast, and the combat power was not inferior to ordinary assassins. According to Reimu, Haiyue has the ability to brush double wilds.

The advantage of Haiyue is that the cooldown time of the skill is fast. When playing this mage, the mid-laner player habitually puts out the boots of calmness first, and relies on one or two skills to deal damage. If you play as a jungler, as long as you remove the blue buff first, you can provide a good skill cooldown reduction and save the CD shoes. Simply put out sprint shoes in the early stage, and quickly run to other branches to support after brushing the jungle. The buff returns to blue, and you can brush skills as much as you like.

Back to Boots of Calm

The Assassin-type Haiyue is not much different from the Zhongdan Haiyue's outfit. It is recommended to buy sprinting shoes, the God-killing book, the Staff of Echoes, the hat, and the Staff of Void. This full-output outfit ensures that you have the ability to kill instantly. In the late stage, the sprinting shoes are directly replaced with the calm boots of the past. That is because there is no need for support in the later stage. The outcome of the game depends entirely on a fierce team battle, and the sprinting shoes are useless. With CD shoes , the cooldown has been reduced by 40%, facing Diaochan, he is not afraid to drag her into a fantasy world and come to a duel.

Step into the fantasy, kill you

When Lingmeng used Haiyue as a jungler , the opponents happened to be Guan Yu and Donghuang Taiyi. Guan Yu was a group-controlling hero, and he repulsed all his skills. Shield, Haiyue is not afraid of these two tanks at all.

Once you enter the illusion, Haiyue has the advantage. No matter how you control it, the enemies outside cannot help you to attack, and you will only be beaten. Unless you choose a hero with flexible mechanics, multiple shifts, and constant dodging skills, you only need to survive for a while. , After the ultimate skill is over, when you leave the illusion, it will be Haiyue's turn to be in trouble, and she is ready to counterattack her together.

Haiyue is fast-paced, with explosive damage, killing gods when encountering gods, killing Buddhas when encountering Buddhas, and seeing people in seconds. Are you afraid of such an unconventional mage jungler? Everyone can try to use Haiyue as a jungler in the game to see if it will open up the pattern, which is eye-opening. We look forward to the team using Haiyue to play in the future.