Professional players do not play mid-lane, and Haiyue is a new way to play as a jungler.

2022-09-30 15:05

Professional players do not play mid-lane, and Haiyue is a new way to play as a jungler.

At present, Haiyue is the most talked-about character in the canyon. Not long after the hero was launched, he immediately became an upstart mage, stealing the limelight and increasing the utilization rate of the middle lane. Players hurriedly trained the hero in the matching game, before Tianmei was weakened, Use it to play ranked as soon as possible and accumulate a few more stars.

What are your thoughts on Haiyue, the new hero? Does it sound familiar? Players who have played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (endless duel) should think that Haiyue's ultimate move into the illusion is very similar to one of the heroes of the game, Yin, but one is a mage and the other is a Warrior, then when you switch to the glory of the king, you will be easier to get started.

Combination of multiple mages

Don't worry, this time we are not comparing the two heroes. After all, the game companies are different. Besides, have you discovered the mechanism of Haiyue, which seems to incorporate the skills of other mages? The moonlight released by a skill is like the skill of Luna or Tanji. The distance is like a fan of Xiaoqiao, and the cooldown time of the skill is comparable to that of Diaochan. As a new hero, the strength is very amazing. The players in the game have banned her one after another.

Now that Haiyue dominates the mid-laner, her extremely high strength has been recognized by players. Professional players and gods have tried to create a variety of gameplay for Haiyue, but found that Haiyue, who takes the jungle route, has the same effect as yours. expected.

Pro Player Recognition Strength

One of the main mid laners of the XYG team, Reimu, who has a high talent for e-sports games, said that Haiyue is really not difficult to play, as long as it develops in the early stage, don't be attacked by assassins. Once two pieces of equipment are formed, the damage will become Obviously, the gradual rise, just taking the middle road, may limit Haiyue's combat power too much.

There have been many cases in the canyon where mages have been promoted to regular junglers, and Zhuge Liang is the best example. Even Chang’e, who has punished, developed as a jungler, roamed and caught people, and was explosive and long-range to defend the mid lane and support the mid lane mages everywhere. , so Reimu also tried to play other positions with Haiyue. Do you want to know Haiyue's jungle game? Friends, remember to continue to follow 77577 Sports , and the next article will teach you the secret skills of Haiyue's assassin!