Real Madrid beat Getafe 1-0 away in La Liga to return to the top of the table

2022-10-09 12:41

Real Madrid beat Getafe 1-0 away in La Liga to return to the top of the table

In the 8th round of La Liga in the 2022-23 season , Getafe will host Real Madrid.

In the 3rd minute of the game , Modric assisted, Militao scored with a header, and Real Madrid led 1-0 . In the 7th minute, Vinicius passed the ball, and Carvajal shot slightly above the crossbar. In the 9th minute, Modric shot wide. In the 18th minute, Alaba made a cross from the left and Rodrigo made a long shot. Real Madrid got a free kick, and Alaba took a free kick to Modric, who missed the goal. In the 37th minute, Carvajal made a direct pass, Rodrigo returned from an inverted triangle, and Valverde followed up and shot high. In the 39th minute, Valverde passed the ball and Rodrigo's header was blocked. In the 42nd minute, Milia brought down Vinicius in the penalty area, but because the ball went out of bounds when Real Madrid received the ball, no penalty was awarded.

In the 57th minute, Rodrigo scored a goal, but it was ruled out for offside. In the 64th minute, Kamavinga missed a long shot. In the 78th minute, Valverde's long-range shot was blocked. In the 85th minute, Asensio scored and Vinicius shot too high. In the 88th minute, Valverde lobbed wide. In the 90th minute, Milia hit a long shot from outside the penalty area.

Real Madrid beat Getafe 1-0, overtaking Barcelona and regaining the top spot in the standings.