Real Madrid to pursue Haaland after two years

2022-09-29 15:53

Real Madrid to pursue Haaland after two years

As the Champions League champions last season, Real Madrid 's lineup and strength are still the top three in Europe. However, for future planning and development, Real Madrid also needs personnel reinforcement and upgrades.

Real Madrid have now made the right decision and will pursue Haaland in two years. No matter which league he is in, Haaland is an unparalleled presence. Despite his many demands at Manchester City, he still has a lot of respect for the coach and his teammates. His humble and low-key personality made many people very satisfied with him.

Real Madrid want to pursue Haaland directly after the release clauses of Haaland and Manchester City take effect two years later. Haaland and Manchester City had already signed a clause that would allow him to go to another team after two years. Florentino couldn't forgive Mbappe's traitorous behavior, so he changed his target and winning Haaland was a very correct decision.

Benzema will reach the end of his career in two years and is about to retire, and it is also a good choice to have Haaland to replace him. In addition, Real Madrid is also prepared to pay a liquidated damage of 180 million euros that is more in line with Haaland's worth . However, it remains to be seen whether Manchester City and Guardiola will be willing to let them go.