Serie A - 4-1 victory over Cremonesenapoli to retain top spot

2022-10-11 09:49

Serie A - 4-1 victory over Cremonesenapoli to retain top spot

In the 9th round of the 2022/23 Serie A season, Napoli, who went to the road, won 4-1 with goals contributed by Politano, Simeone, Lozano and Olivia. Victory over newly-promoted Marc Remonese, successfully keeping the undefeated record in 9 games, and ranking first in the standings with a 2-point advantage.

In the game against newly promoted Marc Remonese, Napoli made a free throw in the 26th minute, and then Politano made a penalty to help the team lead 1-0.

In the 47th minute of the second half, Desace scored a goal to help Cremonese pull back 1-1, but Cremonese couldn't break Napoli's goal in the following time. , and finally lost to Napoli 1-4.

After Napoli won again, he has won 8 consecutive victories in various important games, and continued to hold the first place with 23 points in the Serie A standings with 7 wins and 2 draws. On the other hand, Cremonese has not broken the winning streak. And ranked 19th.

Udinese draws Atalanta 2-2

On the other hand, the "goddess" Atalanta, who are also fighting on the road, can only shake hands with Udinese 2-2.

Atalanta and Udinese were only in the middle of the rankings last season, but they have suddenly increased their strength after this season. At present, they have won 6 of 9 games and lost only one. In this game, the goals contributed by Lookman and striker Muriel helped Atlanta take the lead 2-0.

But then Udinese drew with Atalanta with Deulofeu and Perez. Atalanta are currently second in the standings with 21 points, and Udinese is fourth with 20 points.

At present, after 9 rounds of competition in Serie A, the competition has become more intense than before. The defending champion AC Milan also ranks 5th with 20 shares, Inter Milan ranks 7th and Juventus ranks 8th. If these teams return to their best form in the upcoming games, the championship situation will become more unpredictable at any time.