Serie A - Milinkovic-Savic scores twice, Lazio beat Spezia 4-0

2022-10-03 15:19

Serie A - Milinkovic-Savic scores twice, Lazio beat Spezia 4-0

In the 8th round of Serie A in the 2022/23 season, Lazio beat Spezia 4-0 at home.

In the first half, Zaccagni opened the scoring because Immobile missed a penalty, and Romagnoli extended the score with a long shot. In the second half, Milinkovich scored twice to help Lazio win 3 games in a row.

Currently, Lazio is third in the league with 17 points, while Spezia is 12th in the standings.

first half

Only 38 seconds into the game, Spezia was in danger of breaking the goal: because Immobile broke into the penalty area and was tripped by Ampadu, the referee on duty immediately awarded a penalty kick. However, Immobile, who was in charge of taking the penalty, missed a shot with his right foot.

Spezia's luck only lasted for 12 minutes: Zaccagni turned to get rid of Ampadu and sprinted from the back to the penalty area, and finally scored in front of the goal with the cooperation of Felipe Anderson. In the 23rd minute, Romagnoli scored another unsolved long-range shot for Lazio to win another victory.

second half

After the start of the second half, Lazio only took a quarter of an hour to rewrite the score to 3-0: Alberto's square pass from the backcourt instantly penetrated the opponent's defense, and Immobile dribbled the ball past the goalkeeper but was caught by Nicolao Blocked the shot with Ampadu. He then returned the ball from the bottom of the penalty area, and Zaccagni assisted Milinkovic-Savic to score after getting the ball.

The game entered stoppage time, and Lazio extended their lead with Milinkovic's goal: Milinkovic and Sisay scored a goal with his right foot after a series of coordination on the right, helping Lazio to seal the score at 4-0.

In the end, Lazio won 4-0, 3 points behind leaders Napoli.