Shame on Argentina! Messi scored his 11th World Cup goal and praised Alvarez as the killer

2022-12-14 14:07

Shame on Argentina! Messi scored his 11th World Cup goal and praised Alvarez as the killer

After the Argentine team led by Messi fell to the bottom of the World Cup opener in Qatar and lost to Saudi Arabia in Waterloo, Argentina's comeback once again showed world-class standards.

The 35-year-old Messi opened the scoring in the 34th minute of the first half of the World Cup semi-final against Croatia, while the 22-year-old striker Julian Alvarez broke through the defense and scored in the 39th minute to extend the lead. Then in the 69th minute of the second half, when Croatia switched from defense to offense, Argentina seized the defensive gap, and Messi assisted Alvarez to score twice! In the end, they defeated Croatia 3-0 and advanced to the Qatar World Cup final with a 100% advantage!

And this is Argentina 's first World Cup final in eight years. It is worth mentioning that today's score is exactly the result of Argentina's defeat by Croatia in the group stage of the last World Cup.

Shame on Argentina! Messi scored his 11th World Cup goal and praised Alvarez as the killer

Messi breaks history and sets another milestone at World Cup

Messi also broke the record again in this game. Today is his 18th appearance in the World Cup as captain, surpassing the record of former Mexican national team captain Rafael Marquez! In addition, this is also Messi's 25th World Cup appearance in his career, which is equal to the record of former German captain Lothar Matthaus.

As for the scoring record, Messi even broke through his personal scoring performance in the World Cup knockout round. Before this World Cup, Messi had never scored a goal in a World Cup knockout match. Now he has become the first Argentine player in history to score in three World Cup knockout games. Contributed goals in the knockout round of the top 4 Croatia.

Shame on Argentina! Messi scored his 11th World Cup goal and praised Alvarez as the killer

As of today, Messi has scored his 11th World Cup goal in the World Cup, of which 7 goals are to help the team open the scoring, surpassing the record of the Argentine God of War Gabriel Batistuta, becoming the most in active service World Cup goal scorer!

And Messi also scored the fifth goal in this World Cup, tying the record of Kylian Mbappe, a 23-year-old rising star who is one of the top scorers of the defending champion France team, and the two scored the most goals in the World Cup in Qatar keep pace with each other.

In addition, Messi's assist is also the eighth assist in the World Cup, tying the record of Argentina's world champion Diego Maradona.

Regarding the victories created in this game, Messi said that his feelings in this World Cup are completely different from those in the past, because this is likely to be the last World Cup in his career.

At the same time, Messi also revealed, "The loss to Saudi Arabia in the first game of this World Cup is something that Argentina did not expect, and it also caused a great blow to Argentina. Therefore, we are facing a huge test. We are playing this match as a final because we know that if we fail, it will be more and more difficult.”

Moreover, Argentina in this World Cup is the second final under the leadership of Messi. Messi hopes to end this World Cup in a different form, and said that he will enjoy this World Cup and will do his best to win. .

Shame on Argentina! Messi scored his 11th World Cup goal and praised Alvarez as the killer

Smile and praise Alvarez is Argentina's killer in this game

On the other hand, Messi also praised Alvarez's performance, and believed that compared with this young teenager, this teenager should be awarded the best award in the game.

Messi praised Alvarez's performance in this game. Not only did he single-handedly break through the defense and score in the first half, but he was also able to find the right position and opportunity when Messi made a wonderful pass, so that he shot straight into the net from close range and scored twice! Alvare's speed with both feet, grit and chances to create are all factors that have made the Croatian defense unstoppable in this game, and it is absolutely comparable to the young Messi.

It is worth mentioning that while Alvarez helped Argentina score the third goal in this game, it was also his fourth goal in the World Cup for the first time in his career, breaking the 38 goals of two legendary Argentine seniors. Carlos Tevez and 34-year-old Sergio Aguero goal record! Alvarez's ability to attack side by side with Messi's fast legs will be a feature of his unlimited future prospects.