Sissoko and Adani say everyone is responsible for Juventus' situation

2022-10-11 13:13

Sissoko and Adani say everyone is responsible for Juventus' situation

Sissoko said Juve had a difficult start to the season, but he believes that Juve can once again find a sense of victory and become a protagonist again.

Juve needed a strong and aggressive midfielder, and Sissoko saw Zakaria as the right fit, however he was loaned to Chelsea. Sissoko believes that perhaps Juventus should not loan Zakaria out. Juventus need players like Pogba now, and Di Maria and Paredes can also help reduce the pressure on the team.

Sissoko believes that in the current situation, everyone, including Allegri and the club's top management, is responsible. The most important thing now is how to recognize the status quo.

In addition,  Adani criticized Juve's situation in the "90 Minutes" studio.

Adani said Juve's situation is very difficult and everyone is responsible for the situation. Adani believes that Juve are not out of the crisis and have never been on the right path and they need to take responsibility and improve.

Adani also said that such a bad situation has not only lasted for four months, but has been going on for 16 months. A year ago, Adani said that Juve's characteristics are not obvious. Allegri is now starting to use his tactic, but this victory is not suitable for the current game. Juventus' problems did not arise after the loss to Milan. The problem has always existed, and it has not fundamentally improved since Allegri took over.