Struggling at the same rank, just because you underestimate your teammates too much? (two)

2022-12-17 15:32

Struggling at the same rank, just because you underestimate your teammates too much? (two)

King of Glory is a 5V5 e-sports game. The key to victory is to cooperate with each other. The five positions are indispensable. If you are a master player, choose a main output position, jungler, shooter or mage, you have this ability , strength, technique and operation, must have the ability to fly, can indeed be defiant, it doesn't matter if you hit five, the most important thing is the result, the other four will benefit, thank you too late, the King of Glory 50 stars to open a trumpet, or rank It is left for too long, and after several seasons are settled, it will fall to the masonry rank. This phenomenon is purely normal.

superior exclusive resources

In the canyon, in fact, players are most afraid of encountering players who think they are superior. The strength is obviously not very high, but they behave like the leader of the whole team. As a rookie, he has mysterious behavior. For example, in many cases, the record of junglers is unsightly and has been killed many times, but the red and blue buffs have been obtained from the beginning to the end, and have never been supported by other branches. Resources, unwilling to share with other teammates, but it may not be possible to play more than one.

Occasionally there will be a bad jungler record in the game, but the high score is often because these players are "ten thousand years jungler", they will always only clear the jungle, do not join the team, and have no output. On the other hand, other teammates, team battles again and again Once killed in battle, Crispy was attacked by the jungler, the whole team was fragmented and shattered in one blow. The statistics obtained after the game showed that you doubted your life when your teammates had a bad record, but your own statistics were very good. Not only that, but some junglers don't like to think about the team. They use dragons to push towers, or tyrants to increase damage. Without team resources, how can they win the game? The problem is with the jungler.

Ordinary players put their teammates first

On the other hand, the rest of the teammate with mediocre strength cannot take the lead, this is a certain thing, so they never thought of dominating, the starting point is to put the team first, the teammate is the core of the jungler, even if they can't catch anyone, they know how to take the opportunity to steal Tower, don't be arrogant, don't point and point, let the buff when it's time, don't have too many troops, don't compress the development of teammates, maybe you are not the one with the highest economy in the game, but give others the development output as soon as possible, Even if the data is not so eye-catching, the winning rate of the game has increased greatly.

Matching teammates with uneven strength is a normal image, depending on how players play the game, cooperate with each other, and win.