T0 heroes are updated, and the end of the season must be selected. (two)

2022-12-02 15:13

T0 heroes are updated, and the end of the season must be selected. (two)

Su Lie is a tank, how long has it been since you heard his name? When it was first launched, it was played as a side fighter. Later, its strength could not keep up with the version changes. Now it has become a competent support, the almighty Su Lie. The strength has always been underestimated by players. In fact, it is a dark horse support. Before everyone noticed, On the T0 hero list alone.

After playing more than a hundred ranked matches, when have you ever seen a player take out a Su Lie? You guessed it right, usually Sun Bin, Yao, Sang Qi and other regular supports are chosen. Su Lie's winning rate in the peak game is as high as 54.44%, and his appearance rate has gradually increased to 15.9%.

Some players must feel that in the later stage, when did Su Lie start to rise? This is going back to the last semi-rework, the passive recovery ability has been improved, the second skill can seamlessly link the big move, and the output has become stable. Although it has become an auxiliary, it still has the ability to kill the crispy skin in seconds, and the control is sufficient, and it is better than the conventional auxiliary to target the enemy.

Middle Road: Haiyue

The new mage Haiyue launched in the S29 season stole all the limelight. It became popular when it was launched. Its strength is ridiculously high. The appearance rate is 9.5%, the winning rate is 52.36%, and the ban rate is as high as 72.03%. Obviously, no players are willing. Release the strongest witch, the official will not weaken it, you can only ban it by yourself. The first-level Haiyue can quickly clear the line of soldiers by throwing one skill three times. It is suitable for defending high ground in the later stage, and its attributes can be attacked and defended.

Not only has it not been weakened, but the shield of the ultimate move has been strengthened. After being pulled into the illusion, it is even more difficult to kill it. The well-developed Haiyue, if hit by the ultimate move, has a very high chance of solo killing. The recent experience server has also optimized the passive Cool down, for mid laners, Haiyue is a hero that must be practiced, and she will only get stronger and stronger.

Development path: Sun Shangxiang

The rise of dumb shooters is something that shooter players are discussing. Marco Polo is the best example. The peak has passed, the bottom of the list, and it is the turn of the descendants to rise, but Sun Shangxiang is also gradually recovering. The reason is that other shooters have been weakened. The descendants of the magic ball flow With Di Renjie, the intensity is limited, and even Goya was officially cooled down, so she became the beneficiary of it. Recently, the problem of losing the strengthened basic attack has been officially fixed. The mechanism has a displacement function and has a certain self-protection ability. The only disadvantage is that the damage will be delayed until the later stage. If you want Xiangxiang's damage to explode as soon as possible, it is recommended to assist Xiaoming or Taiyi. Real people, one is specially connected to increase damage, and the other has gold coin bonus.