T0 heroes are updated, and the end of the season must be selected.

2022-12-02 15:11

T0 heroes are updated, and the end of the season must be selected.

2022 has come to the last year. Unknowingly, the Glory S29 season is coming to an end. With one month left, the season will restart and enter the next season. Pay more attention to the T0 hero list, check the current trend of the canyon, find a hero that is suitable for the version and has high strength, and continue to play rankings and peak games. Do you know who is the current T0 hero?

Confrontation Road: Ma Chao

Ma Chao can be said to be an evergreen tree against the road. He has always been the "core" of the wing and has become a player's must-choice fighter. According to the current data, his appearance rate in the top rounds is 21.2%, and his winning rate is as high as 52%. After being beaten by many players, how can you not follow suit and practice Ma Chao to score well?

Don't look at Ma Chao's lack of skins, and mistakenly think that this hero is lukewarm, but he has an FMVP skin. Recently, the official has not made any adjustments to him. Instead, it ushered in a "Dharma-style enhancement", which is about to become a road to confrontation. The son of the original version, the fast-moving and unbeatable warrior Old Master, his agility is not inferior to the two forms of Hua Mulan. After a wave of strengthening, his status is instantly improved, and he is on the T0 hero list.

To play Ma Chao well, you must take two routes. Don’t stay in the confrontation road and defend the tower first. Qing has to go to the middle road to rub the line. Only when you have the economy can you play the advantage. In addition, as a fighter, don't think that the defense is high and start the team first. The real way to play is to enter the field second. After the teammates have eaten all the enemy's control and burst damage, they are ready to enter the field and fight output.

Jungler: Sikong Zhen

Sikong Zhen is a miracle. Although he has been weakened all the time, his winning rate is still high. He doesn't play with many players, and it is difficult to get started. He only has a 10% appearance rate, but his winning rate ranks second among all heroes in the peak game, reaching 54.58%. Second only to Athena. The high winning rate after weakening is because the player develops a jungle route for him, and the jungler's strength will be higher, and the confrontation route can no longer accommodate his mechanism, spawning wild monsters, and developing faster.

Not only that, he is one of the beneficiaries of the revision of the Lightning Dagger. The shoes can be replaced according to the situation. Unlike the previous over-reliance on the big move, the level A output also has a good effect, but the big move has become a harvesting skill. The addition of blue buffs can alleviate the problem of the CD process of the ultimate move. The red buff is responsible for retaining people. Sima Kong, who has double buffs and strengthens his moves, can't be underestimated in damage, and every move will kill you.