The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (five)

2022-10-07 15:48

The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (five)

Panic, some Yu Ji players can't guess when Li Yuanfang will use a skill mark. The best way is to not use the mark skill first, or wait for the friendly assassin to trigger her immunity, and then it's your turn to make up the damage. It can be seen from this that when Yu Ji faces Li Yuanfang, there will still be a certain fault tolerance rate during the use of the skills. The common point between the two is the injury-free of the second skill. One enters the injury-free state for a short time, and the other is instantly invincible.

Yu Ji can counteract Li Yuanfang's dart explosion, but she has to choose the right time to use it, but unfortunately she is not Li Yuanfang's natural enemy. In fact, the archer restraint chain in the canyon is like this, descendant Tian overcomes Gongsun Li, Gongsun Litian overcomes Marco Polo, Marco Polo Tian overcomes Yu Ji, Yu Ji Tian overcomes Sun Shangxiang, Sun Shangxiang Tian overcomes Jia Luo, and Jia Luo Tian Ke descends.

Few shooters keep promises

In terms of range, Baili Shouyuetian defeated Huang Zhong, Huang Zhongtian defeated Jia Luo, Jia Luo restrained Di Renjie, and Di Renjie was restraining Li Yuanfang. In this archery chain, the least natural enemies should be Baili Shouyue and Di Renjie .

Baili Shou has a second-skill sniper, and there are really not many shooters who can approach him on the line. Usually, they are killed by heroes from other positions. Displacement assassins, such as mirrors, etc., are most suitable for Baili. Baili's biggest enemy is himself or his teammates. He only knows how to play sniping, but he doesn't know how to go forward and attack or push towers. It's useless to be strong. In addition, the strong period falls in the early stage, and when it is delayed to the later stage, everyone's economy is flat. , a bullet is difficult to kill the enemy.

The player broke the promise of Baili, and the reputation was extremely poor. He became a widely recognized bad shooter and was sent to the battlefield. The mentality was affected before the game started. Who would make a quick attack and work hard to replace victory.

Avoidance vs. Purification

The higher the self-protection ability, the higher the strength of the shooter. From this, it can be seen that Yu Ji, Li Yuanfang and Di Renjie are among the best in terms of data and performance. The title of the strongest shooter is often debated, but every season, it involves equipment and hero adjustments. Therefore, The strength of these three people is fickle, no matter how they change, the mechanism still has the advantage, and the strength will not plummet. Displacement and injury-free can avoid many attacks. In the S29 season, Di Renjie's purification is king.