The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (Four)

2022-10-07 15:28

The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (Four)

Li Yuanfang 's passive can be used to explore the field of vision. This skill greatly improves the shooter's self-protection ability. If you want to lie in the grass and ambush Li Yuanfang, it is impossible, unless you meet a rookie Li Yuanfang. The dart mark is superimposed. After the explosion, not only the personal hero, but also the nearby heroes will be damaged. If you don't want to harm the pool fish, remember to automatically stay away from your teammates, unless you deliberately want to kill the allied hero with residual blood.

Vision, Displacement, Damage

Passive skills are purely for vision. Unless you avoid ambush, you can also use them to fight invisible assassins, such as Lanling King and Ake. They are everywhere, and they don't know where to attack. When you show up, you fall into Huangquan. It’s hard to guard against it, and sometimes it is so targeted that there is no game experience at all, and you dare not step out of the defensive tower.

Crispy you, being tracked by assassins, remember to quickly run to Li Yuanfang to ask him for help. If he is there, you will automatically reveal your vision. At this time, you can join forces to attack him. Having vision and high damage is not the essence of Yuanfang's mechanics. Thinking about a shooter who can be promoted to a regular assassin is enough to prove how powerful he is.

Assassins focus on displacement and mobility, but Li Yuanfang's flexibility is not inferior at all. The second skill is long enough to move and use it at the right time. It can be immune to all flying object skills. The upper limit of visible strength is very high. The data.

Against Yu Ji, how to turn defeat into victory

Knowing Li Yuanfang's advantages, let's go back to the topic of Yu Ji Tian Ke Li Yuanfang. Even Yu Ji's reliable second skill avoids damage and avoids the mark explosion, and even a purified summoner skill can remove the mark on her body, so how should Li Yuanfang turn defeat into victory? ?

In fact, this depends on the actual combat situation. Generally, Li Yuanfang will first use a skill to mark the darts, and then rely on the ultimate skill to slow down, and by the way, stack up the mark, so that the mark will explode within seconds.

To fight against Yu Ji , you might as well try to throw the ultimate skill first, come to the east and attack the west, deceive the opponent's second skill, then add another skill, then use the displacement to approach the target, continue the basic attack, maybe you can switch between the two skills, move first , and then hit the damage.