The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (six)

2022-10-12 16:10

The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (six)

From the archer chain in the canyon, Li Yuanfang was made by Di Renjie, and the dart mark marked on it can be removed by skills. Without the mark, Li Yuanfang cannot stack and deal burst damage, and the output is greatly reduced. In terms of attack speed, it is not comparable to Di Renjie, only will be beaten by the opponent. Di Renjie has very few natural enemies. Back to the topic, why do you say that he is the all-around shooter this season?

Di Renjie's winning percentage is the first among all scorers

Based on the data on the Internet, Di Renjie's winning rate is currently as high as 53.12%, and the winning rate has won the first place in the shooter rankings. It can be seen that the strength surpasses the other shooters. Before discussing his mechanism, let's take a look at his build. This shooter Not limited to one gameplay, options are crit flow, half-meat, or orb flow.

Basically, it can be switched randomly according to the enemy lineup. Unlike other shooters, some core equipment is missing, and the flaws are exposed. Either the skills are ineffective, or the basic attack damage is low, and you have to pay attention to your own defense. There are too many targets, and it is impossible to survive without defensive equipment. After buying it, the output is obviously weak, and it is a dilemma. The equipment is really contradictory.

Li Yuanfang is out

In terms of outfits, Di Renjie is very flexible. With targeted equipment, he can easily play to his advantage. Combined with the purification effect of his second skill, he has directly become an "universal shooter" this season. Yu Ji's injury immunity can withstand the damage of Li Yuanfang's imprint explosion. This skill can also be disarmed by Di Renjie. Comparing these three shooters, Li Yuanfang is temporarily out. The remaining two, who is the strongest? Presumably players will also be curious about online, who will have the advantage?

Yu Ji 's second skill "The Wind Comes", after using the skill, increase the movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds, immune to physical attacks during the period, free from control while the skill is on, then cancel the slowing effect, and activate the passive skill, the basic attack causes 100 physical attacks damage, while reducing the enemy's movement speed by 15%, this effect can be stacked 3 times. In addition, during the use of the second skill, Yu Ji's attack speed is increased by 20%.

No damage, no control, increased movement speed, increased attack speed, trigger passive damage, Yu Ji's second skill seems to have the most advantages, Di Renjie is positioned as a shooter, and the damage he deals is the same as attack. Yu Ji, that proves that you don't know enough about his mechanism.