The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (three)

2022-10-07 14:57

The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (three)

In the past, everyone pursued high damage and displacement, thinking that using summoner skills to protect themselves, bring a purification or flash, and an additional displacement to remove negative effects. Sun Shangxiang, once Tianmei's biological daughter, has changed from flash to protect her life and advanced to a purified version. Xiangxiang, based on a skill, has displacement. After rolling, it shoots an intensified artillery bombardment, which explodes the audience, and a small crispy skin with one shot. A full-blooded assassin will not die or have residual blood.

After being the strongest shooter for several seasons, it was finally weakened by the official. The peak period has passed. The physical defense of the second skill is reduced. Now it only targets enemies hit by shells, and cannot be triggered by empty points. The displacement operation has been optimized soon, and it has become weak Damage, adjustment is too contradictory.

Miss, is no longer Tianmei's biological daughter

Briefly introduce the advantages of Sun Shangxiang , the passive skill is strong, the first skill is displacement, the second skill reduces physical defense, the ultimate skill is remote harvesting, the player uses purification instead of flashing, and the negative effects are reduced when it is convenient to control, and then use the first skill to move to dodge attacks, continue Output, but the fault tolerance rate is too low. If you are deceived, you will have to wait for about 90 seconds to reset the purification. Soon after, the player will flash back to form a two-stage displacement.

The damage is low, and displacement is useless. The shooter who encounters the same fate, and Marco Polo, who has double displacement and double defense, can't avoid Tianmei's poisonous hand. It is better to use a dead shot, to use a dead shot, it is better to use a self-defense shot.

Li Yuanfang

The only opponent who can become Yu Ji's opponent must be Irene, who is attacking. But for Yu Ji's self-protection ability, another shooter is a good choice, and that is Li Yuanfang. On the battlefield, Yu Ji restrained Li Yuanfang, because Li Yuanfang's dart mark will explode immediately after it is fully stacked, and wait for it to explode if it is not fully stacked.

If he was hit by his first skill and marked, when preparing to explode and taking full damage, Yu Ji had one hand, and don't forget that the second skill avoided physical damage. Since she was restrained by Yu Ji, why did you mention Li Yuanfang? His second skill can also protect himself. If you want to kill Yu Ji, it is about your consciousness, how to deceive the opponent's second skill, or make good use of the explosion time. Do you want to know what Li Yuanfang's advantage is? Staying at 77577 Sports , we will continue to explore his potential in the next article.