The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (two)

2022-10-07 14:54

The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free. (two)

Which hero is the most ideal shooter in the minds of players? Is it the injury-free Yu Ji ? Yu Ji, the shooter, is not very popular in the developmental road, but the intensity is still first-class. Almost all shooters in the canyon are naturally fragile, and they need an assistant who can play as a bodyguard.

Inflated support, strange shooters won't play

Although it is too simple to say, it is not easy to do. In many cases, the support is more likely to be inflated than the shooter, forgetting their identity, a little output, blindly taking the rhythm, rushing to the front to start the team, forgetting whether the shooter and other output heroes are not. Follow behind, successfully control the crispy skin on the opposite side, and the single shooter has been coveted by the opposite side. No one supports him. It is a good time to kill him. When the shooter dies, do you blame the support for not fulfilling its responsibilities, or the shooter not keeping up with the output?

The shooter is classified as the main output of the team, so players naturally focus on the shooter’s attack power and pursue amazing explosive power, ignoring self-protection. The primary condition of a good shooter is their self-protection ability. , The developmental shooter who is not afraid of assassins is the strongest shooter in the canyon.

Strong single combat capability

Yu Jisheng is free from damage in the second skill. During the use of the skill, the movement speed is increased and all physical damage is avoided. In the later stage, it has become a nightmare for all assassins. All the skills are spent on Yu Ji, and the damage is almost zero, and the skills are empty. During the schedule, in disguise, Yu Ji was given the opportunity to fight back. In addition, Yu Ji's basic attack can also play a slowing effect. The first skill has a long range, and the ultimate skill has a small control. After slowing down the enemy, she jumps back and maintains a certain distance.

The output is far ahead in the laning area. Clearing the line consumes the enemy at the same time. The second skill and the ultimate skill make Yu Ji's single-player combat ability full. The economy is getting higher and higher, and the damage is like a snowball. Injury, and a fight in the later stage, as an auxiliary player, I feel that it is holding her back, worrying about disrupting the rhythm of Yu Ji players.

Yu Ji's natural enemy is only a late-stage mage, with burst spell damage, Yu Ji is not immune, she only relies on speeding up to dodge. To restrain Yu Ji on the line, only the Aileen shooter with magic attack.