The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free.

2022-10-06 16:27

The all-purpose shooter is released, and the ability to self-purify is more practical than injury-free.

The shooter is the main output of the team. Perhaps the damage in the early stage is not explosive, the mechanism is inflexible, and a few have displacement, relying on auxiliary protection. Coming to the S29 season, the Assassin and the wild area have undergone a major revision, the strong period is in the early stage, the economy is easy to open, and it is constantly being killed.

Comeback hope falls on shooter

Your hope for a comeback lies in the late stage of the shooter. After all, most shooters only have output after the equipment is formed in the late stage. Each basic attack, the damage is more impressive than the assassin's fancy displacement damage, and they lack the ability to protect themselves, but To improve the endurance, the most important thing is to cooperate with teammates to ensure that the shooter will not be threatened, and let him output with peace of mind. To put it simply, it depends on the assassin in the early stage, and the shooter in the later stage. The assassin played well. Congratulations on this tailwind. If the assassin's performance is average, you can only place your trust on the shooter.

This season, assassins are highly topical, their growth has accelerated, the wild area has more protection values, and the monsters have increased their refresh rate. Players are scrambling to play the jungle. After all, they are the core of the team. Who doesn’t want to show themselves well? Flooding into the discussion area of the online platform, analyzing which assassin is about to become the son of the S29 season version.

Rhythm and Output Relay

If you play a lot of e-sports games, you will find that the output is like a relay race. The most powerful in the early stage is the assassin. It grows quickly and has a lot of economy. It is the first to deal damage. When the game comes to the middle stage, it gradually becomes weak, and the economy gradually gives up. In other positions, at this time, another output hero is needed to relay and continue to fill the damage, and this position is another main output of the team, the shooter, and he will continue to lead the rhythm. In the mid-term, the defense tower of the development path is usually One tower has been pushed down, it's time to develop the shooter's wild development, and go to other roads to continue pushing.

Although the shooter is easy to take the blame, because of his fragile body, if he is killed many times, other teammates will think that he can't play, and in the mid-term, the economic gap is too large, even the mages can't compare, so you really have to reflect on what went wrong. , a really good shooter, he will have an advantage on the line, it doesn't matter if you don't need the help of an assassin, you just need to assist. Hence, support also plays an important role. So who is your top scorer? We will continue the discussion in the next article, thank you for reading.