The arrogant soldiers training and clashes shaken the heart of the army. The veteran Green punches to Poole's video exposure event is fermented again

2022-10-08 11:49

The arrogant soldiers training and clashes shaken the heart of the army. The veteran Green punches to Poole's video exposure event is fermented again

As the Golden State Warriors clashed at training camp yesterday, the media are scrambling to cover the negative news for the high-profile defending NBA champions.

According to well-known NBA reporter Sham Charania yesterday, when the Warriors were training internally that morning, 32-year-old forward Draymond Green had a physical conflict with 23-year-old guard Jordan Poole. Green walked first. Coming to Poole and provoking it with a body bump, the conflict ignited to the highest point when the two sides were very close.

Poole pushed the opponent away with both hands, and Green's unceremonious punch made Poole's center of gravity momentarily unstable and fell backwards. But Green still rushed towards Poole, who was kneeling on his knees, after which his teammates rushed to try to distance the two.

This turmoil occurred while the Warriors were playing in the preseason, which made people worry about the internal lineup that won the NBA championship this year. The important thing is that the rising star Poole and the veteran defenseman Green are the Warriors who won the championship. important contributor. Now that the two are fighting against each other, everyone knows that the relationship is divided, and the morale of the team will inevitably be seriously affected. If the Warriors' internal conflict cannot be resolved, it will threaten the team's performance in the new season.

Cases of beating teammates in NBA teams

As we all know, the hot-tempered veteran Green often quarrels with opponents or referees when he represents the Warriors, but this time Green beat his teammates during the quarrel.

Although Green apologized to the team and Poole after the conflict, the storm has attracted the attention of many people, and it is believed that the veteran will receive punishment from the team in recent days.

According to the case of beating teammates in NBA teams, Chicago Bulls forward Bobby Portis, 27, was suspected of having a physical altercation with teammate 31-year-old forward Nikola Mirotic during preseason training in 2017. It is a punishment of punching the opponent and then being fined by the team for 8 games.

No suspensions or penalties have been imposed so far

However, at present, the top brass of the Warriors has not disclosed that they will take any disciplinary action against Green who beat his teammates, only that Green will not participate in collective training with the Warriors today. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr also only mentioned that Green will be back in the lineup for the next preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers next Monday.

And today, the video of Green beating Poole in training camp suddenly came out. In the video, you can clearly see Green punching Poole hard in the face, causing Poole to slump to the ground after receiving an unexpected punch. Pushing Green away with both hands did not cause him any injuries.

It is reported that fans were very worried about Poole's facial injury after the video was released, but the Warriors have not disclosed the status of Poole's injury. However, with the exposure of the film, it is believed that under the pressure of public opinion, the team and the NBA will take further punishment on Green.

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