The birth of the first MVP auxiliary professional player?

2022-10-13 15:21

The birth of the first MVP auxiliary professional player?

The Glory of Kings Challenger Cup Championship is in full swing, passing five levels and beating six generals. Congratulations to the eStar team for their successful challenge and winning the championship. Their strength has been questioned by the audience. Slap in the face, a competition champion, proves that the combat power is still online and still at the peak. During the entire competition, only the WB team should be qualified to be their stumbling block.

All kinds of hardships and hard work were not wasted. After winning the award, the five players shared the honor. The picture is very similar to the actor winning the Oscar. The players each expressed their feelings about winning the award. I want more things to stay in the game." The audience deeply realized his enthusiasm for the glory of the king, and thanked them for showing that the game is finally no longer a poisonous thought, a waste of youth, and a waste of time.

The Champions Cup is just one of the honors. In order to commemorate the highest personal honor of the players, the game company will also make an exclusive skin for the players who won the FMVP. Review the players' performance in the game, the desire for the skin, unconsciously already revealed.

An FMVP skin can not satisfy the calmness. Qingrong once won two double championships in the HERO team, but when he came to eStar, he still did not win the championship MVP. He kept improving, and he performed very well before. When he came to the new team, how could he not be reconciled? Breakthrough, I will inevitably feel unconvinced, but fortunately this game performed well.