The birth of the first MVP supporting professional player? (two)

2022-10-13 15:29

The birth of the first MVP supporting professional player? (two)

The King of Glory Challenger Cup championship was born and won by Wuhan eStar Pro. Everyone has no objection. The powerful team has lived up to expectations. Now that the championship team is out, the audience starts to care about the players, who will become the FMVP of the game, each player All the credits cannot be buried. Some have tried to win honors many times in other teams, and the honor should be at least the best of the week.

Although he is classified as a shooter, although he is the main output of the team, the light is accidentally blocked by other players. If he wins the MVP, it will not only be an honor for him, but also the proof of five shooter championships, which is no trivial matter.

The professional game is like a general qualifying game. Often players will focus on the output position and accidentally forget the support.

This game broke history, and the championship MVP was awarded to Ziyang. In the past KPL games, the MVP position came and went on the wing, jungler or middle. The position of the shooter and support seemed to be less important, not as good as other Location.

The first auxiliary professional player in history is Ziyang. His performance, in the eyes of the audience, deserves his name, thanks to his commanding and team formation ability, and successfully helped the team break through the siege. The team is still eye-catching and has a strong sense of presence. If it is replaced by other auxiliary players, it is even more uncertain whether eStar Pro will survive the championship.