The claws reach out to the European Youth League! Dortmund accuse players of racism at Sevilla Arena

2022-10-13 14:01

The claws reach out to the European Youth League! Dortmund accuse players of racism at Sevilla Arena

The German club issued a statement today, alleging that a 17-year-old player from the Dortmund youth team faced racial discrimination in two consecutive UEFA Youth League matches against La Liga Sevilla. .

The victim's appeal was dismissed by the referee

Youth midfielder Abdoulaye Kamara, 17, was monkey-called by Sevilla youth players in their UEFA Europa League matches against Sevilla last Wednesday and Tuesday, according to Dortmund. It is a personal attack to declare such a move that clearly contains racial discrimination against blacks.

Europe's Under-19 Youth League is neck and neck with the Champions League. The Dortmund youth team emphasized that since the discriminatory act occurred in the first game, the team had asked the referee panel to take the matter seriously, but in the second game the players were racially discriminated against again. When Kamara appealed to the fourth referee, The referee insisted that the opponent's monkey shouting could not be seen as overt racism.

However, the game continued at the judge's conclusion. Dortmund youth coach Mike Turberg also replaced the victim Kamara in the second half to reduce the possibility of a dispute.

Dortmund's youth training department hurriedly called for punishment

Dortmund's youth training director Lars Rickon also strongly urged the referees to pay attention to the racial incident after the game. Racial harassment by player Kamara.

However, Rickon also explained that part of the reason why the team chose to continue the game at the time was because the referee did not admit that the incident was a racist act, and was worried that he might be punished by the referee under the strong argument with the referee.

Ricken also urged Sevilla to deal with the matter with a firm stance and to give the victim players a full account. It is reported that Dortmund has not disclosed the identity of the Sevilla player who made the racist behavior at the time.

Sevilla denies UEFA involvement in investigation

However, following Dortmund's statement, the Sevilla youth team denied any incident of racism. According to German media reports, UEFA's disciplinary team is investigating the incident, and it is believed that the final result will be given in the near future.