The difficulty of the annual limited skin is greatly increased, at least 25 stars. (two)

2022-12-05 15:22

The difficulty of the annual limited skin is greatly increased, at least 25 stars. (two)

Players choose time slots to score points. The purpose is to get the skin of the season when the new season comes. After the end of the S29 season, it means that the annual season version in Qianseyun will end with it. This year, a Baili Xuance's "Original Chaser" will be launched, and the King's Mark skin will be Athena's "Dawn Covenant".

There are two skins in one season

Baili Xuance 's skin for the year "Original Chaser" looks like a powerful force chasing the original breath. The special effects have a hunting state intertwined with engulfment and control. The voice is excited for the battle, and the sound effect vividly presents the sense of hearing of the original breath. World, modeling and special effects are not inferior to mall skins, and the quality is like epic. As for Athena's "Covenant of Dawn", it can be seen that it is marked with the 2021 King's Proof skin. As the name suggests, it is a proof of the player's strength. There are two limited skins this year, and the quality is well received, but there are certain restrictions on obtaining skins , extremely difficult.

The difficulty of the skin will increase in the next competition year, and the mark of the king is the key

The S29 season is the last season of the cloud year. In January next year, it will officially enter the new competition year "Departure Haidu". Tianmei will launch two skins again, but the performance of the last competition year will affect the next competition. The difficulty of the skin of the year, if it is the whole year of the cloud, if you win the mark of the king every season, as long as you use the mirror of time and space to play qualifying and recharge, you can easily win it. If the challenge of the S29 season fails, the difficulty of obtaining it will be greatly increased, from the original 10 stars of the king to 25 stars of the king, and the conditions must be met by completing the peak game.

To put it simply, there are four imprints in Yunse Nian, which can be easily obtained, and the difficulty will be greatly reduced if there is one more king's imprint. The skin of the competition year is always an out-of-print skin. It is special and rare. There is no other way to get it, and there is no direct sale in the mall. It takes four seasons to unlock a skin. After the end of this year's version, a new version will be opened. There is no chance to get it back for you. You must hurry up to get the skin of the season.