The difficulty of the annual limited skin is greatly increased, at least 25 stars.

2022-12-05 15:20

The difficulty of the annual limited skin is greatly increased, at least 25 stars.

Generally, a season is usually maintained for about three months. Now that it is December, it means that there is less than one month left in the S29 season. The experience is different in each time period. For example, players who play qualifying at the beginning of the season, Usually it is the worst time for the experience, the reason is that the season has just restarted, after the ranks are settled, the real great gods, the King of Glory, the King of Peerless, and the strongest king, all fall back to the rank of Xingyao, the three ranks are too different in strength Big, may not match teammates with similar levels.

The best scoring period is the second month

In the second month of the season , the experience will be a little bit better. The high-skilled master players are trying their best to get back to their original ranks. With fewer rivals, you, who just broke out from the low-end game, finally compete with players of similar strength. A large number of players will choose to score during this period.

The experience of scoring points at the end of the season is extremely poor

In the last month of the season, the experience is not the worst, only worse. The powerful players have all challenged, and you, who have been stuck in the low ranks for a long time, have been caught up by low-end players such as the masonry ranks. If you are highly skilled, you will continue to team up with low-level people. At this time, you will continue to meet players who are stuck in the ranks, or players who only scored at the end of the season. When you enter the game, you will find that the gap is too obvious. It will be more difficult to deal with than the opponent, no matter how much you complain, it is useless to blame yourself for not working hard to score in the middle of the season, there is no trick, you can only perform better, it is time to lead your teammates.

Why do players choose time slots to score points? This has something to do with the skins of the season. The Mark of the King is one of the channels for obtaining skins, so players will calculate the end of the season. The first method is obviously the season tier album. The system will display the approximate time range of the season, but it is too abstract to be accurate. Another way is to predict the end time of the season through the Battle of Glory order. According to previous seasons, the game will usher in a major update one week after the end of the battle order, and the update time falls on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. This way of calculation will be more accurate.

S30 update content has been exposed one after another. In the settings of the official server, a preload function has been added, which means that the S29 season is about to say goodbye. The theme of the next season will be announced. It will be Pangu.