The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions. (Four)

2022-10-04 15:25

The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions. (Four)

I never thought that an economic catch-up mechanism would cause so many problems, and it could be a long story. In short, Tianmei is just using this method to balance the growth ability of the assassins. In the early stage, the economy of the assassins is the highest, and the advantage depends on the assassins. The team against the wind, only Work together to kill them and get more coins.

To sum up, in the S29 season version, the jungler takes the lead in the early stage, and the team battles in the later stage. The gameplay of MOBA games has always been like this, but this phenomenon is more prominent after the revision. If you want to give up the assassin, then protect the shooter. The four of them work together to ensure that the shooter develops stably. After the equipment is formed, the damage will be fully loaded. The high-economic long-range output shooter will fight against the high-economic melee assassin. Then the conclusion will be made.

The real behind-the-scenes boss who was overturned in the tailwind situation

Going back to the most puzzled and tangled thing for everyone, why did a good tailwind end up losing the game and being overturned by the underdog? This involves too many factors, such as poor teammates, mistakes in teamfights, not fighting dragons, and being ambushed by enemies, etc. But all of this is not a problem. E-sports games are about teamwork and have the greatest influence. , is the matching mechanism. You can choose heroes, but teammates will help you choose them.

Many players said that the matching mechanism of the S29 season has finally been optimized, and the strength gap between ten people will not be too far. You can also choose team members for double, triple, or even five rows. You can invite friends to form a team. As for the fate of single-row players, it will be determined by the matching mechanism.

The teammates matched in the single row rely on the card drawing mechanism. The teammates you often encounter are far from your own. No matter what position you play, their actions in the game make people suspicious of life. , If you don't fight the dragon, how to win, the ceiling operation will not help. In the headwind game, the teammates didn't obediently guard the tower and guard the line, and the team made a wave. In the case of losing the field of vision, they still ran outside to clear the line and press the line, and were finally caught. Is it helpless?

The jungle area has been changed, and the economic catch-up mechanism has been added. The tailwind occupies the opposite jungle area, but if you don't push the tower, you will lose.