The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions. (three)

2022-10-04 15:23

The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions. (three)

There is nothing wrong with the newly added economic catch-up mechanism. The official decision is to focus on assassins and let the jungler players take the lead. Therefore, changes have been made to the jungle area to increase the protection value, so that the assassin players can start more stable. Development, you don't have to worry about encountering the problem of being often anti-wild and anti-kill.

Not only that, Tianmei has also improved the growth rate of assassins and the refresh time of wild monsters. Now the junglers are not only protected at the beginning, but also open up the economy with their teammates faster. In the middle of the game, maybe you will find mage and shooter. Assassin, why is the economy so bad? In the S29 season version, the jungler is the core of the team, and the fact is right in front of you.

The economic gap between Crispy and Assassin is too big, so their lives are more likely to be threatened. Close your eyes and imagine how a shooter with an economy of 3,000 gold coins can beat an assassin with more than 5,000 gold coins. The difference between the two is one piece. In terms of output equipment, in terms of skill mechanism, the shooter has already lost Jiutiaojie, and self-protection is a problem.

No new mechanics, always suppressed

That's right, Shunfeng was beaten back by his own strength, but you should also thank the official for enhancing the combat effectiveness of the assassins. If there is no economic catch-up mechanism, the Shunfeng team will only become more and more favorable, and the disadvantaged side will only be beaten.

From this, it can be seen that the whole game is just a pre-emptive attack by assassins, and the outcome is determined at the beginning. In any team, there happens to be an assassin who can’t play. If the game is lost, other positions have no effect, because they have been “revised” "Assassin" suppresses development, and gold coins can't catch up. The so-called five-player game is actually an assassin carrying one person, so it's not fun to play games, isn't it?

It is unanimously ruled that the overturn of the tailwind has nothing to do with the new mechanism

All the changes related to assassins and wild areas have triggered the butterfly effect. In order to balance the growth speed and economic power of other positions, the official only added an economic catch-up mechanism, and the head bounty has increased by 8%. Join a group to assist or kill. The super god enemy, the development speed is faster than your crazy clear line. In other words, killing the powerful assassins with all their strength, the economy will be even faster, and the assassins will grow faster, and they will be constantly suppressed. Of course, compensation must be made to the team against the wind.