The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions. (two)

2022-10-03 16:19

The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions. (two)

The economic catch-up mechanism is newly added in the S29 season. Once the economic gap between the two sides is too large, the economic gain of the downwind team will be reduced to 8%, while the economic gain of the headwind team will increase by 8%, allowing the disadvantaged side to catch up with the economy as soon as possible. Some players will I feel puzzled, the advantage is played back by myself, why the disadvantaged party will gain additional economy, so the worse the current e-sports game is, the official will help secretly instead, it is better to be rotten, and don’t be afraid of not recovering the economy.

If you have such an idea, you are very wrong. The 8% economic improvement is still aimed at the head bounty, then the main reason for the overturn is impossible to be the economic bonus. The whole team died.

8% economic bonus

The head reward is increased by 8%, what is the concept? For example, it should be easier to understand. If five people join the group and successfully kill the super god enemy, the group will receive 1590 gold coins. The two teams fight in one wave, and all the enemies on the opposite side are superheroes. One enemy is worth 1590 gold coins, including the 8% economic bonus. If you kill five enemy heroes, each of us will get an additional 636 gold coins.

Seriously comparing the old version of Glory of Kings , the disadvantage of the headwind is really too small, killing enemies stronger than you, the economic bonus is less than brushing a few more wild monsters, which is very unflattering. In the S29 season, the wild area has been revised and refreshed quickly. If Tianmei does not add an economic catch-up mechanism, once the wind is favorable, it will only follow it. The big headwind situation must be desperate.

Jungle Changes

The real reason why most players think that the chance of being overturned is greatly improved, and the real reason has nothing to do with the economic bonus. It is the change of the wild area. The usual gameplay of the players in the downwind game will be to first push down the tower in the middle . Without the defense tower, the wild area will lack protection, and then continue to suppress the opponent's wild area, so that they can't even play the wild. The buffs and the wild monsters were all snatched away.

This season, the frequency of brushing wilds has become faster, and the economy of the wild areas has become higher. Many times, the Ming, Ming and Qing Dynasties are over. After going out to fight for a while, and returning home after passing through the wild areas, it is better to clear the wild monsters by the way. Continue to catch up. If the dominant side doesn't even want to take the dragon and keeps pressing it to the high ground, then it will be wiped out in the later stage, and the gap will be fought again, and it will be quickly recovered, and the economy will be poor in the later stage.