The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions.

2022-10-03 16:17

The economic catch-up mechanism of the new season, players in the tailwind game have opinions.

The mechanism of King of Glory is constantly being revised. In addition to optimizing the matching mechanism in the new season, according to players, the S29 season also has an economic catch-up mechanism, which allows players to catch up with the economy faster and bring economic bonuses to the disadvantaged side, resulting in multiple games. The tailwind situation has been overturned, so it has attracted heated discussions. In fact, will this new mechanism really affect the overall situation? We will now analyze in detail.

For a long time, all MOBA games have encouraged turnarounds against the wind. DOTA 2 has the same mechanism. Killing enemies with high head count will greatly improve the economy. Once again, if the result is a four-for-five, the economy will be the same. This mechanism is not limited to King of Glory.

If you are an old player of Glory of Kings, you should find that the mechanism of Glory of Kings has been changed many times. In addition, heroes with more heads are more valuable, sanctioning the dominant side and compensating the disadvantaged side. It is a very common thing in e-sports games.

The so-called catch the thief first catch the king, you are far behind in the economy, you don’t want to keep fighting with your teammates, you have to find a way to kill the leader, the opponent with the highest economy can see this, the players who are downwind this season, spit on the Internet It seems a bit unreasonable that the official keeps sending money to the disadvantaged team.

The head is the core of the economy

In addition to the army line, the development speed depends on the head harvest. The more enemies you kill, the higher the economy. Of course, the value will increase. In other words, the hero with the most heads is the most valuable character in the game. As for heroes with many deaths, their worth will become lower and lower, and the more times they are killed, the head bounty will be reduced.

For example, if you are killed for the first time, the value after being killed is about 200 gold coins, but if you have been killed more than eight times, the value is only 20 gold coins. Soldiers are even more worthless. It can be seen from this that the hero who won the first drop of blood in the early stage will have a higher economy.

Imagine being killed by the jungler shortly after the start of the game, and then relying on the flexible mechanism to continue to brush the jungle and swipe the line, and roam to catch people by the way. The three development methods add up. Is the highest in the game. The head bounty is aimed at individuals and has little impact on the entire group. Friends continue to stay at 77577 Sports . The next article will discuss the new economic catch-up mechanism.