The end of the season has the most stable points, these three shooters hurry up and don't wait any longer.

2022-12-06 15:31

The end of the season has the most stable points, these three shooters hurry up and don't wait any longer.

The S29 season has finally come to the end of the season. It is the third month of this season and the last month of this season. Due to the relationship between the way to obtain the skin of the season and the mark of the king, many players still have not reached the rank of the strongest king. , Worry for yourself, hurry up, choose the right hero to score points, stop wandering around, there is no such thing as just playing casually, buddy, it’s time to do your homework and check out the current strong heroes.

Speaking of top score, players who don’t want to be taken away have no choice but to play output heroes. The main output positions of the team are assassins and shooters. The jungler is difficult to get started and dominates the rhythm of the game. , while developing, help other laners press the line, keep killing opponents, and want to use simple and easy-to-use heroes to score points. The position of shooter is recognized. Once the advantage is played in the early stage, continue to develop, and there will be damage in the later stage in the middle stage , take over the jungler and decide the trend of the game. Let's take a look at who is the strong shooter at the end of the season?


Goya is definitely the dark horse of the S29 season. She has not been favored since her launch. She rides a motorcycle, but her movement speed is lower than that of Guan Yu on a horse. In fact, her mobility and playability are very high. The attack mechanism has a lot of fans, and the ultimate move also comes with a group control skill. The current winning rate has exceeded 53%. The advantage in the early stage, the economy is like snowballing, using the ultimate move to slow down, and then continue to attack, the damage is beyond your imagination.


The rise of all dull shots is the biggest change this season. Excluding the "Hou Ming" combination, Jia Luo is also a good shooter, but the development cycle is longer, and burst damage can only be hit later. This shooter can be called a tank killer. It comes with a dawn mechanism. Every time a critical strike is triggered, it will cause a deceleration effect. It's useless to target, and with teammates to take care of it, pentakills are not a problem.

Concubine Yu

Speaking of a shooter with high self-protection ability, Yu Ji deserves it. The second skill is immune to all physical damage. Yu Ji has a high fault tolerance rate. If she wants to ensure her stable development, Yu Ji is a must-choice shooter. She is not afraid of any assassin and has strong anti-kill ability. The general attack has a deceleration effect. The first skill clears the line from a distance and consumes the enemy. After the second skill, you can get out of the tower with peace of mind. With the second skill in hand, you are invincible. You will have the opportunity to continue to output. If you are the last person left, you can break through the crystal with a line.