The epic skin with the most potential to be added to the skin shard shop. (two)

2023-02-08 14:52

The epic skin with the most potential to be added to the skin shard shop. (two)

The next shooter skin is "Agent Phantom" of Baili keeping promises . Before the Spring Festival skin was launched, this skin once became the pinnacle of Baili keeping promises, because his popularity in the canyon is more bipolar, and some players love him the most. The sniper mechanism is played to the fullest. Because of this, teammates hate that the players who keep the promise do not go forward and attack normally. They only know how to hide behind and shoot bullets, and they can't hit them. Shooter, now the ban rate is greatly reduced, maybe everyone is changed by the performance of professional players.

The hero itself has been hotly debated, so officials dare not release too many skins for Baili. The second legendary-quality pig-year-limited skin "Suzakuzhi" has a strong sound effect. Some players don't like his passive invisibility being too revealing , the second skill's aiming red line, even the player himself finds it difficult to see clearly. As for the third legendary skin, Broken Cloud, with blue and white as the main color, the evaluation is finally good. The sky blue visual effect is more comfortable, and the expensive skin that requires money, ordinary players will not like it, and choose the epic skin "Special Attack Phantom" "Well, the price is good, it is an old skin that has been online for five years, and the probability of joining the fragment store is getting higher and higher.

Yao "Meet the Deer"

What! Yao 's classic skin will also be added to the Fragment Store soon, which is definitely great news for Zero Krypton players. The skin was launched in May 2020, and it has been 3 years since Yao has always been loved by female players. High heroes, the treatment is different, the skins are all high-quality goods, the May 5th Black Festival, the "Prayer of Time" limited to Valentine's Day and the "Mountain Sea · Bibo Xing" limited to the Year of the Rabbit, two epics, one legend, big It was well received, and there was originally an advanced skin that was launched in cooperation with the luxury brand Burberry. Later, I was not sure what happened, and the plan seemed to be scrapped. The skin that has been on the shelves for three years, although the chance of joining is not very high, it is still worth looking forward to.

Armor "Guardian of the Dawn"

Kai is an evergreen tree on the sidewalk and one of the popular junglers. There are countless skins, mech skins, Spring Festival skins, and glory collection skins. Each design theme is unique. The most impressive player is still this campus style The "Guardian of the Dawn" is superior in that it is cost-effective, and the special effects are not necessarily bad. It can still be used in the hall, and the feel meets expectations. This skin was launched in May 2018, more than 4 years ago, and it is believed that it will be added to the skin store soon.