The epic skin with the most potential to be added to the skin shard shop.

2023-02-08 14:50

The epic skin with the most potential to be added to the skin shard shop.

With the increasing number of skins , many old skins are added to the skin fragment store one after another. Don’t be too happy for too long. Officials usually don’t put legendary qualities into the store. They are usually brave and epic. These skins can be called The welfare of civilian players, after all, not every player is a krypton gold boss, the shooter recharges more than a thousand coupons to buy limited skins, a cost-effective 6 yuan instant kill brave skin is enough, as for the epic skin, Of course, it’s the icing on the cake. Although it’s not a limited edition skin, it’s obviously everywhere. At least the special effects are not bad. The 888 coupon product can now be won with 88 skin fragments. Who wouldn’t like it?

The Fragment Store is updated every two weeks

Remind everyone, according to the law of the canyon, the skin fragment store is updated every two weeks. It happens to be a holiday, and it will be updated earlier. The epic in 2022 has been watched for a long time. Players are curious whether the fragment store in 2023 will be new. What a good look to add, some epic skins that have been well received have not been added to the store for a long time. If you buy them, it will be announced that you can exchange them for skin fragments. This is a big loss.

New skins will definitely be launched in 2023. The only thing that is certain is that the epic skins sold directly last year will not be added to the store for exchange. The official is not so stupid. The skin heat is still there. The works launched last year are not considered outdated skins for the time being. What's more, Tianmei doesn't do some things that are marked as limited and "pour rice" for herself. Back to the topic, let's study what skins have the most potential, which have a chance to join the skin fragment store this year, allowing players to exchange them for free.

Gongsunli "Infinite Star Appreciation Officer"

Although ordinary players all love Gongsunli 's beach skin "Summer of Tangerine", which is full of orange juice special effects and has a bright and sweet image, some are still silently waiting for Gongsunli's dancer skin, just like the founder of the Infinite Kings Group, using fashionable and avant-garde Crystal The streamer special effects, the sound effects are full of infinite dynamics, the pink and purple shape and special effects are highly anticipated, and Ali's umbrella seems to be a steel pipe, allowing her to stand on the stage and dance the whole city. This skin was launched in September 2019. It has been more than 4 years now, and it is still expected to be added to the Fragment Store. Players please wait patiently.