The great god is dissatisfied that the king is becoming "little white", and competitive games no longer test skills? (two)

2022-12-05 15:24

The great god is dissatisfied that the king is becoming "little white", and competitive games no longer test skills? (two)

An e-sports game is becoming "little white", how do you feel? The main reason why e-sports games are so popular is that they contain competitive elements. They test the experience and proficient skills that players have honed over the years to achieve outstanding results. He is the real king of the game.

After years of optimization, the game has added a lot of hints and is continuously updated. Although the game environment has been greatly improved, the requirements for players have become lower. First, there are wild monster data showing that the success rate of anti-wildering is reduced. Before these energy bars, the great gods You have to rely on counting how many times the opponent's general attacks have been made, and then estimate the amount of damage that the smiting attack can cause to the wild monsters to counter the wild. Now all the effort is saved.

Little albino? Or transparency?

A large number of players have tried to report this problem to the official. Tianmei's only explanation is that they want the game to be "transparent" and increase its clarity. It is not a white game, so as to reduce the difficulty of the game and attract more new players. Not only that, the masters spent a few days reading the guides on the Internet, and then went to the battlefield to gain experience in order to learn how to restrain the opponent in the equipment. After frequent updates, the game is simplified, and even the equipment will have a system Tips, teach you how to restrain the opponent. For example, if you see the enemy hero's recovery ability is strong, you will get sanctions and nightmares.

Brainless adjustment of equipment

In addition, the adjustment of heroes has also attracted criticism. The rise of the dull shot is the best example. How can a shooter who relies on manipulation, the damage is not as good as a shooter who stands on the spot and general attack? Players said that it is unacceptable. After being cut, the brainless heroes are greatly enhanced. Heroes with high ceilings such as Hua Mulan and Ma Chao cannot escape the official one. The purpose is to balance the simple and easy-to-use heroes so that the strength gap between the two will not be too large. It can't be justified, who will be willing to use a hero who has been trained to death in the future, and get it on the battlefield just to be easily defeated by the opponent.

The recent adjustments once again involve tank equipment, defensive equipment has been collectively strengthened, and the output of the five major positions and the meat equipment should be balanced. Now it seems that who is more frank and who has stronger combat effectiveness. Increase the defense power to the extreme, the most fleshy ones can't be killed, and they can counter-kill at any time. On the contrary, they are flexible and have high output but are vulnerable to a single blow, which in turn reduces the chance of highlight moments. If the score is low, it will affect the subsequent matching combination.

According to the experience server, the official auxiliary equipment "Qiming Heavy Armor" has been added again. It is a magical equipment for auxiliary equipment. In the eyes of the great gods, it is completely brainless equipment. It increases defense and restrains blood recovery, which means that others are beaten, and your resilience Will be restrained, where is the logic?